Lifestyle Tuesday: The Effects of Smoking Marijuana


Hi, welcome to my blog. I particularly like this section because it is a chance to touch on issues that matter. I know not anybody my age that does not smoke something. While I am not a smoker or drinker, I am not going to judge but I came across this article on and thought, maybe somebody my age may read this and think otherwise. Assuming they are not in too deep.Let’s just say that I have my sins but luckily, smoking is not one of them.

Written By: Stephanie Watson

Ongoing marijuana use has been linked to lung changes, memory loss, and a number of other health problems.

Your Body on Marijuana

When you smoke pot, THC and other chemicals travel from your bloodstream to your brain. THC causes the feel-good “high.” Continue reading “Lifestyle Tuesday: The Effects of Smoking Marijuana”

Fitness Friday: Finally, the Gym!

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How has your week been? I had the greatest challenge this week. Learning how to balance everything I do. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am posting daily and get to rest on Sundays amongst many other things. I have made it a habit to check Bonang’s Instagram to remind me that what I want is not going to come easy,so on days like today when I feel overwhelmed, it is only right that I remind myself where I hope to be in the next five years. Continue reading “Fitness Friday: Finally, the Gym!”

Throwback Thursday: Ramsey Nouah

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If you recall yesterday I said that we would have a new segment on Thursday. Here it is!

Prior to understanding the universe , how it works and everything in between success, I got to learn that most people never had it easy. While Hustle Wednesday celebrates the success and epic things people are doing,Throwback Thursday will do the exact opposite, show you the ugly past. Did you know that Bonang Matheba was rejected thrice by Top Billing? Or that Cassper Nyovest had to borrow R50 for taxi to go chase his dream? This segment is meant for that. Before the glitz and glamour and success, there was blood, sweat, tears and a lot of hope. The message here is that no matter where you come from, your dreams are truly valid. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Ramsey Nouah”

Lifestyle Tuesday; #MeToo-My Escape Story

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We have a new segment! It is not new as such but I felt like bringing back these stories of things I have been through, opinions and what not.This will allow me to spread my wings beyond motivation and fitness.


In case you have been living in a cage, Oprah Winfrey gave the most phenomenal speech at the Golden Globes last evening. She addressed the elephant in the room. By room I mean the world at large. So many women get forced to partake in sexual acts without consent and we have condoned it but time is up! The movement #MeToo has seen so many women come out and it is clear just how many women have suffered in silence. Continue reading “Lifestyle Tuesday; #MeToo-My Escape Story”