Motivation Monday: Gratitude


Happy New Week!

Are you pumped up as much as I am? I really hope so. The year is coming to an end and one word I can use to to describe what I feel right now is gratitude.Obviously it hasn’t been a smooth sail.Everybody has had their ups and downs but I’d like to take a moment and think of all the things there are to be grateful for.


So many times, we pray for things and ask God for things but do we ever take a moment to say ‘thank you’ even for the bad times because there were so many lessons to be learned. Just the fact that you are even alive and can be able to read this, is something to be grateful for. Continue reading “Motivation Monday: Gratitude”

Sports & Style: Reebok Olive

Happy Saturday!

It’s a bit cloudy but I am determined to make this a good day, hope you are too. If you are new to my blog, well positivity and productivity live here! I recently started this series where I get to show you what to wear to the gym.

Details on mixing colours, choosing the right fit , fabrics and how to pair  different outfits.It is a bit young but it would mean so much to me if you found this useful.Do you?

Hit me up on my social media or the comments section so I can know. Continue reading “Sports & Style: Reebok Olive”

Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket


Hope you are getting a few ideas on what to choose when it comes to fitness gear.For this second look, I lover the purple tank top because it was so loose.Loose is good.You do not want to be all tightened when it comes to the gym or any outdoor activity.Still from Fit & Fab world, this combination has ‘too much pink’ which is great for a pink lover. It is chic and the bottom is Continue reading “Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket”

Motivation Monday:Taking a Hit

Happy New Week!

It’s December guys!!! I was watching Luvvie Ajayi last week and as a blogger, I am more than inspired. I know December is time to let loose and let go because you have been working all year but that is not how I feel.If you can recall I had a four-month hiatus from May so I am haunted by the need to compensate. That being said, I am not exicited for the holiday either just because I’m at that stage of entrepreneurship where I get hit a thousand times. Continue reading “Motivation Monday:Taking a Hit”

Fitness Tips for the Holidays

Happy New Month!

It’s December already!! How fast time flies? December is that time, you know;celebration, family, food etcetera. It is really a bad time of you are over twenty five and single, unemployed or unmarried; the lies you have to tell. Can I suggest a tip? Divide and rule my friend.Don’t be with more than two relatives at one time.Unless it is completely neccessary.Good luck! Let’s talk about the food though. Continue reading “Fitness Tips for the Holidays”

Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa


It’s Wednesday again! On Wednesdays, we profile the hustlers and upload a YouTube video. This weeks video is a tribute to all the hardworking women in showbiz that have put Africa on the map.Though short, it came from my heart, something I want all my content to be about so head over to YouTube and show it some love.Your support is much appreciated. Continue reading “Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa”

Taking Stock 009

Hey there!

I know it’s Fitness Friday but I just realised the month is ending and I haven’t taken stock. I have to since next Friday will be two days into the final month of the year! So, here is where we are so far:

Making: Silent moves. I am trying to be as discrete as I can just so I do not jinx my destiny. It is much easier that way.I realised that blogging is not good for people with loud mouths because some projects require you to be sworn to secrecy. Continue reading “Taking Stock 009”