Tummy Issues…

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ –Anon


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Hello, I am Natalie, a 22 year old Kenyan girl. Welcome to my personal health and fitness blog. I am a Biomedical Science student with a passion for writing and languages; I am really hoping I will have learnt at least one foreign language in my lifetime. I am going to share my journey into healthy living and getting physically fit. Most people would wait for results before throwing it back to their ‘unhealthy’ days. I however have all the confidence in the process. I want to document this so I can also look back and see the value of choices I made while still young.

I have had a whole load of tummy issues since childhood. I remember staring into a full mirror and squeezing my tummy in, wondering how it would look like if it got just a little bit smaller. In high school, I wanted to join the swimming team so bad but my insecurities could not allow me, perhaps I feared mockery from those who had ‘perfect bodies’. In campus however, I gained confidence and body suited up in black (a color that can flaunt any figure), decided to swim like a little champ. My stress at the poolside was done but the blazers were still on. The blazer is a girl with tummy issues’ best piece of clothing.
I have tried to cut the tummy, just so I could be free and wear anything I want without having to cover it up or wear tones of black clothing and exhume confidence on the outside while feeling too stuffed up inside. Each time I tried, I would wake up early and go running, limit my food intake but fill myself up with potato chips the next day and say ‘you choose what kills you, at least mine is not alcohol’. Looking back, all I ever lacked was consistency and constant motivation. I bought sneakers that I didn’t run in for a whole semester. I felt so guilty but decided to accept and move on.
At least I thought so. I got a tummy trimmer as a ‘gift’ that I had asked for from a friend. In August 2016,I started exercising, just for the sake of putting my ‘gift’ into good use. I slowly increased the number of sit ups and leg raises as days went by. I looked up motivation quotes on the internet, hoping that in a month’s time, I would be fit as a fiddle. As I got sucked into the worlds of people who exercised regularly, I began to realize that just like other young people in my generation, I had a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic and zero patience. I had to go back to the drawing board and understand that getting my dream body would take time. So would other goals that I had in life. All I needed was to have small wins that would amount to bigger successes.
This is my 14th week of regular workout. I am way far from my dream body but I know that every effort I make counts. A small win can be as good as waking up or just completing a routine. I hope you get inspired to start your journey as you read about mine. Let’s track it one day at a time…





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  1. go go go!! and when you finally get it to the level of wearing a “tumbocut” without worries, I will buy you your next sneakers.. and remember the more you see the results, the more you get addicted, so don’t end up with six-pack like mine

  2. Most of us who had started this fitness programme found it difficult,not because we wanted to,but because of other emotional trials and luck of support,role model or someone to keep us going.But you,you knew hardship as just a step in making you self-sufficient .You had fears and frustrations at the begining.You had felt fatigued and despair but the right and ability to keep the spirit high had continued to sustain you throughout this course.It is this sense of purpose,of pride and of faith that has made you who you are today.Am proud of you Natalie.You are a true living story,Keep the fire burning!!!

  3. Since I joined the team last month, you’ve been sooo motivating, so inspiring, my all time motivation whenever I wanted to quit.
    At times the leg raises, crutches and wall sits become so hectic but I look at you encouraging us every morning and I say to myself, “don’t cheat, Stacy wakes up every morning to ensure we keep fit”
    Thanks a lot
    We love you
    Keep up the spirit girl.

  4. exactly what am going through…. scared to start working out… love the encouragement dear… infact naanza Leo…. nimewacha chips… n i will always remember that it is step by step…. thanks a lot…

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