Seven Reasons Why I Chose Fitness

‘Today’s new behavior is the beginning of tomorrow’s new habit.’ –Robin Sharma


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Have you heard someone say fitness is a lifestyle? Well…whoever that is didn’t lie. I am glad that my body has adjusted to being awake by 5.00 am. My fitness class runs for 30 minutes from 6.00 AM.I get to workout for an hour. I’m out of the field by 7.30AM which gives me ample time to plan my day depending on the to-do list. I love fitness and here’s why:

Starting the day with Energy

I do not even know what it means to be in bed at past 6.00AM.I start my day with so much energy, and get this, I work out from Monday to Saturday, having a fitness class ensures I stay in check during the week while on Saturday I just have to get that cardio on and work on the abs.

The Feeling

Trust me, the feeling after a workout is just epic! I cannot even express it in words .It makes me so happy knowing I helped someone work towards their body goals and happier that I’m working on mine. I read on a blog somewhere that feel good hormones are called endorphins and your body releases them. That probably explains why I’m always so happy and I have my music in check. I’m one of those annoying people who sing while walking, especially after a workout.


This is so self explanatory. I am a Kanye West fan so you can rate my confidence. Not that I wasn’t confident before. I think workouts are just Viagra for self –esteem.


It is so fulfilling that I am always a workout away from cardiovascular diseases. I think I’m better of trying. You know, every little effort counts.


Maintaining a routine is not as easy as it sounds. Even on chilly mornings, those cold ones when the bed and gravity are working together with the devil to set me back, I still find the strength to obey routine. When you learn to schedule your workouts, you also schedule other activities that contribute to your future goals.I am just glad that I found fitness. I barely have lazy days. I used to have one lazy day but even on Sunday, I am working .I feel like I am living the best version of my life.


This is the most important bit. Being young and full of energy, you want things to happen fast. Workouts will teach you have to be patient because your body will ache for days and if you are your worst critic like I am, you will see no change and really sulk. You may even quit because it is three months and you aren’t seeing any results. I have never been more patient with myself. This is a habit I want to sustain for the rest of my life and I will take it as gradual as it comes, part of the reason why I’m blogging. It may take a year or even five to get the bikini body but I am not about to quit. I’ll keep the consistency because winners never quit on themselves.






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