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Borrowed from Sharon Mundia, this column is meant to make you connect with me beyond fitness. It will make you understand me better and will air once at the beginning of every month. If you can relate to anything I share here, feel free to give some feedback.

Making: More phone calls at home, not to ask for money but to know how they are faring on. Many times we get caught up in the murk of the hustle and forget the people who have held us down from the beginning. I am appreciating the efforts of my parents more and calling just to say hi.

Cooking/Eating: More proteins and less carbs.

Drinking: A lot of yoghurt lately

Reading: The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer. I am a product of inspiration and self-help books have played a major role in ensuring I stay on the right track. As embarrassed as people are of them, I am really a big fan. Inspiration is welcome in any form.

Wanting: Financial Freedom. My mind is worked up financially and I do not even have a monthly salary yet. I am realizing that it’s good to have a stack of money seated somewhere in your house or purse but how are you going to make sure the money is still there even after you spend it? I have a side hustle and am learning a lot about self-employment. I feel like my future self, say 30 –something-year-old, will really thank me for watching Centonomy talks on Youtube. Especially the ones given by Caroline Mutoko. I am really focusing on what I can afford. My current financial mantra is ‘Every shilling you save buys you Freedom.’

Playing: Niroge by Vanessa Mdee. The Tanzanian songstress has the voice of a bird. Have you listened to Siri? I am such sucker for Bongo from way back majorly because of the lyrics, the Swahili is so coordinated.

Creating: New nail art designs. Nail art has been my part time hustle in campus for a long time. I am in love with the whole process, I even did a wedding last month!

Wishing: I had some programming and networking knowledge. This is something I am seriously considering. I don’t want to be the girl who just posts workout posts but the one who can repair her blog as well. I’ll give it time.

Enjoying: This new life. I have always wanted to be that person that wakes up early in the morning. Can I say I made it?

Liking: A lot of fitness posts on instagram. The transformation stories are amazing! Once you decide to take the leap, it’s a whole outcry and the world (or just the internet) somehow ensures that all you see around you are people with the same ambition on goal.

 Wondering: How long it will take before my waistline shrinks. It’s been 14 weeks people! To be fair, I have been taking carbs, it’s practically on me.

Loving: My Partner.

Hoping: The future has great things in store

Needing: To convince myself that success takes time and actually believe it. Unless you won a lottery, if you do not put your effort where your money is, you need not be celebrated. Show me the hustle and you can have all the respect. I celebrate hard work.

Watching:  Season 5 of Scandal over and over again. Olivia Pope is amazing! I am eagerly waiting for the sixth season. Have you noticed how powerful Rowan Pope’s speeches are? The man is a genius

.’You have to be twice as good as them to have half of what they have.’

Classic Rowan.

Following: @sbahle_mpisane on instagram. I follow a lot of South African fitness bunnies. I hope you get to see them on a column sooner or later. On that note, I wish I could hear how you pronounced that name. I’m sure my pronunciation is worse.

Noticing: That small beginnings matter. Start small and progress.

Thinking: Why did it take so long to find fitness?

Feeling: Energetic.

Bookmarking: As many fitness blogs as I can.

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