Name Game!

“Without passion,all the skills in the world won’t lift you above craft.”-Twyla Tharp


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Good Morning!
It’s 7.50 AM as I write this. I am taking milk tea and buttered brown bread. I just had a full body workout and cardio session today which I welcomed with open arms since I took a sabbatical to visit my family over the weekend.You know how hard it is to convince an African mum that you are eating healthy. I however massacred a lot of fleshy chicken, my muscles are grateful !After today’s workout I realized that I have been meeting the same people every day on my way back to my place after morning workouts for the past two months. The most striking would be this slightly old Chinese man who comes to the field diligently, right around the same time that I leave. He is so consistent, it baffles me. I feel like saying hi sometimes…maybe I will.I do not want people to keep guessing where the name Malkia Teezie comes from so I dedicated this post to make you understand.

The first time I explained it to a friend they went,”oooohh.”

The Kenyan Way.
Swahili for Queen
Do you play chess? I do. With my computer mostly and out of 956 games, I have only won once and I can’t remember what I did. Quite bizarre since the computer is programmed to defeat me. The queen is the most valuable player in a chess game.She sits next to the king before the game starts.She is the king’s protector and can move anywhere on the board,unlike other players.You can make several calculated moves as long as you do not lose your queen.Every moment is nearly Checkmate! once the queen is down.
It’s more like life. Having the mindset of a queen makes you understand the severity of living every day with a purpose.I adore women who have conquered various territories in life;science,music,fitness, art, business,journalism and politics.Speaking of politics, I am such a big Scandal and House of Cards fan,both of which have depicted some serious female political dominance in the most recent seasons, a move that is in line with America’s decision today. I am really hoping America can have the first female president; after all,the future is female. Go Clinton!
Swahili for Exercise. Normally spelt Tizi
I am a Kanye West fan. I can rap his verse on Knock You Down featuring Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo word for word. Someday, I want to just workout in Yeezy,a different color for each day of the week. Until that happens, the best I could do to honor this one-sided relationship with Kanye is name my blog Teezy. I just played with the letters.
Malkia Teezie is any queen who exercises like she means it.
Love and love,







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