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Can I first confess to having a cheat weekend? Hence the long silence. There is always that person who you hang out with that you find it hard to eat healthy around. Unfortunately for me, I want to spend the rest of my life with this particular person so I’ll have to write an internal memo or something.

I’m at a point in life where I do nothing in vain. I need to know why. When I began fitness coaching, before each set of routines, I explained why we were doing that particular exercise. I have rekindled my desire to know, just for the sake of knowing. About a month ago I was seeking internship insurance at Kenya Commercial Bank. I asked Martin,the attendant to explain to me how it works. I can comfortably say that I now fully understand the principle behind insurance, not that it was important then but adulthood is kicking in and any knowledge I can get to survive it is welcome.

So, can we at least know what muscles we are targeting and not workout blindly? I’ll assume you said yes.

Humans have about 700 muscles attached to the skeleton. They make up close to half of an average person’s body weight. Some of these muscles are either smooth muscles that can be found in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, cardiac muscles that form the heart (This is where cardio comes from ,since cardio exercises  increase the heart rate) and skeletal muscles that are attached to the skeleton. I have heard people say they are “big boned’ .I wonder what it means.

I read from somewhere that the more weight training you do, the less the cardio you have to do. Anyway:

A lecture on muscles would put you to sleep.How about the picture above so that you can always relate.For example,when doing squats,we are working the abs, the biceps(imagine the legs also have biceps,I was surprised when I found out too),the glutes and every other muscle you can see on the leg.

When doing pushups on the other hand,most of the weight is on the core (abdominal area),the biceps and pecs(I have really felt this one).

I hope you don’t get to just workout blindly but also know what you are working on.

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