“Strive to be a leader, not a boss”-Me


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How has your weekend been? Mine has been mind blowing and was spent with beautiful people and adventure. I am realizing that I am one of those people who do not hate Mondays at all, even on the days that I was employed; I always looked forward to a new week. You know, setting new goals, planning new things and all that.I’m a Monday baby.The fact that I get to start my week coaching fitness enthusiasts just gives me the energy to start the week on a productive note.

This is my 11th week of coaching,how cool is that?It is also my 17th week of regular workouts .I won’t hide it,I am definitely happy with myself. Discipline and more Discipline.A word I never thought I’d relate to.Commitment.I have never been more committed to a course. I realize, with each passing day that all I have to do is live everyday as it comes. I won’t lie to you that I’m hyped 24/7.I have slow days like a normal human but the days I work hard outnumber the lazy ones so I’m all good.

I started my class with three ladies after putting up an ad. In my early undergraduate years when I kept trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I quit so many times. Maybe If I had a fitness coach to motivate me, I would have maintained it. After finding my fire and wanting to explore the need to impact someone else’s life positively, I did my research and started coaching pro bono, especially for young girls like me who needed motivation to keep up.

I cannot rate myself but commit I have .The satisfaction I get from having someone say they dropped some weight or just feel happy is priceless.I have learnt the true meaning of passion.Something you can do for free.I won’t lie that I do not want to monetize my passion but creating and adjusting to it means that with or without the money you still do it.My class has taught me a lot about compassion, dedication, work ethic, making promises you can keep and being a leader over being the boss.

I must admit that I was quite full of myself, a result of a bad past.I had to put that away,stop being the ‘boss’ and be a leader instead.A leader does unto others as they would themselves.Leadership is not only about giving instructions but showing an example as well.I have had people come and leave my class but come back to find me in the exact same place.Managing Time.Not that I am never late, sometimes the alarm clock just messes me up.Leadership means saying ‘I won’t come on Monday’ as opposed to just skipping. Leadership is connecting beyond fitness but still maintaining client-coach respect.

May your hard work outweigh your lazy days. Have a very productive week.

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