‘Motivation gets you started, consistency keeps you going’-Anon



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I love the work ethic of cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i. Sometimes you do not need to announce but just deliver. I am impressed!

My team Chelsea has a big match tomorrow and I can’t wait for the win. I have been supporting Chelsea for about four years now, though I’m not so keen on football at large. I have been enjoying football recently courtesy of my partner and tomorrow at 3.30pm,I am so making some noise at the a joint. I am a certified noisemaker when I am passionate. Let me take this opportunity to register my crush on Jose Mourinho. No matter how many bottles he kicks,the special one is still special to me. I’ll leave it at that .Go Blues!

Everyone who has tried to hit the gym always has the same problem at the beginning; finding a routine and maintaining it. I have been a serial quitter for eternity when it comes to workouts. In January this year, I bought a pair of sneakers. I was hell bent on proving to myself that I could run. I ran in the morning for two days, on the third day I ran and did 50 sit-ups.My fitness escapade did not last long, a week into it I was back in bed with zero motivation. I did not workout during the entire semester. This was just one of the many times I quit doing something beneficial because of lack of consistency.

When I began my fitness journey four months ago, I started small. It would have been such a shame to do 500 sit ups one day then end up wasting the entire week with junk and laziness. Instead of the 500 sit- ups that are done one time, I decided to distribute 50 throughout the week. Often when people workout, thequitting comes from pain, not knowing that the next time one starts over, the pain will still manifest and the only way to beat it is consistency.

I want to challenge you, if you are in college or have been dying to do something, can you set aside 15 minutes of your day to do it. Just 15 minutes. Workout has helped me schedule everything .As long as I delegate the set amount of time and utilize it, I find myself going to bed very satisfied.Heck,I even have a schedule for meals…Don’t go that far, do the same thing at the same timeevery day for a week and see how fulfilling routine can be.When you teach your mind to adjust to doing the same thing every day at a particular time, it adjusts.

A routine can be boring, once you have it,you are allowed to look for ways to spice it up.Think of it as a relationship. Doing the same things everyday can be tiresome.Fortunately for workouts, there’s millions to choose from so if you do a plank today, do a side plank tomorrow. If you work on abs today, work on glutes the next day and so on.

A routine has to be completed.Finito.If you said 20 pushups,make it 20.If you wake up at 5.00 am,open your eyes when the alarm rings.With time you will find yourself up earlier and on days when you forget to set the alarm,you will surprisingly wake up.Cultivate healthy routines bit by bit until you cannot do without them.

I hope you find a routine that works out for you, not only in fitness but school, work, business and relationships as well. Have a lovely weekend!

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