“No one ever excused his way to success.”-Dave Del Dotto

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I am eating a banana as I type this.It’s such a dull day.I hope I get things done though.I have been thinking about lifting for some time now. I really want abs and it’s no secret but for a long time I have been scared to look masculine. I may have mentioned that the gym at school is full of men,a reason I often give as to why I haven’t hit the gym yet.This week however,I noticed that I have been getting too comfortable with outdoor workouts.I decided to take the plunge.

I woke up at 5.30AM (didn’t want to ) ,put on my best sneakers (very clean because I haven’t worn them all week) wore my best tights because I figured I may need a guy’s help somehow.I would have put on makeup but I figured I may sweat and ruin the moment.Whatever moment means.I mean,men are visual,if I need help,there’s no harm in pulling a Beyoncé.comfort_zone

I took the 25 minute walk to the gym, while thinking all sorts of things. What If I get scared of the big guys? What if nobody helps me with the weights? What if I’m too late since the gym opens at 5.30AM? What if I do something different from their ‘normal’ since I already have the exercises planned in mind? What if…What if…?

I bumped into Ann from my fitness class as she headed to the sports pavilion. You already know how happy I am when my former class maintains workout. Anyway,I got to the gym and this big padlock was staring at me directly into the face.I could feel the eye contact.The disappointment.It was 6.04AM.I decided to relax and wait,it is a weekend after all.

30 minutes into my wait, this guy with a perfect Kikuyu accent comes.If you know me personally,you understand how friendly I can be.Sometimes men confuse this for flirting.I just don’t know how to maintain a bad mood.A little chit chat here and there and oh my!Dude asks for my number. I didn’t give the wrong one (you know how we ladies are sometimes).It is funny I am writing this as he just texted me.I am probably going to be the worst chat mate ever!If we ever chat at all.

Bottom line is,I spent an hour waiting for somebody to come open the gym up and they did not.I went back to the sports pavilion and did my normal exercise.Very disappointed indeed but next week is always a good one to set goals. I am however determined to wake up and lift. Speaking of that, please go to www.new.wilsonmunene.com ,assuming you read my story through to the end. Recommend your man, if you are a lady. It won’t disappoint.

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  1. I love what ypu are doing. Keep it 👆. 👏 clapp joining soon.


    1. Thank you so much Austine.


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