Heey…happy New Year!

I am so glad we made it to 2017.It is all by the grace of God. I was going to wait till February to launch my blog but my gut thought otherwise so I’m here. Clearly, I am happy about my new domain (.com),I am officially an adult in blogging (I will graduate when I have a logo).You know, baby steps.Before I take stock, let me bring you up to speed:

I am finally hitting the gym!

You know how much I wanted to go lift some weights from here .I am so excited. I am back to the 5.00AM club and I am so looking forward to building muscle. I am newly single so I got my eyes on the cute guys (lol!).I actually spotted one already but for now, a girl gotta be serious. I will keep you up to date on my romantic escapades. I’m still the focused role model but we too need to have fun. Another lol!

My YouTube Channel is on its way!

Yaaas! You finally get to hear my voice which is so powerful by the way (not my words but a former friend’s).I am incorporating everything that comes naturally to me including motivation, feminism, rap (hell to the yeah!), teaming up with professional dancers and debates.

I landed my first client!

It’s hard to explain to people how blogging is a business so I just let them assume I’m idle. I got my first executive pen and receipt book and was so excited to land my first client. You should have seen my face when I explained what I do. For the record, I love what I do. You may just see my face on an advert near you, that’s all I’ll say. Baby steps again. I need business cards ASAP!

I am shopping for a sport.

I am torn in between tennis and golf. One of the criteria I use is the fact that I am partially blind and I do not want balls crushing my glasses. I would have picked swimming but it’s recreation for me. I will decide on what I can professionally learn and report to you, okay? I am eyeing golf though, just to hint.


Let’s take stock now:



More natural food I guess. I won’t lie to you that I am eating healthy. This is why I have to work out. I am trying to have more fruits though. I can’t really commit to a healthy diet. I don’t want it to stress me though.


Masala tea lately. My mornings and evenings are sorted. Especially when writing. When reading,I sort of veer off and the tea gets cold.


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I will be analyzing this book when I start the book club in February. I picked it because Will Smith recommended it to his son Trey. I watched it on Oprah. Successful people read and I have to instill that culture. The book club will keep me in check. Speaking of success, I have a folder on my computer that contains motivation from every great person you know on this planet. From politicians to sports personalities, musicians to writers. I keep my motivation alive!


An incredible life! I want to meet new people, eat new food, and dance to new songs, a new everything! I want my little sister who is my partner in crime to finish school so she can feature in my YouTube videos. I want peace of mind. I want to be myself in a world that is always trying to make me something else. I want to be who I was born to be.


Unstoppable by Sia. I am a Porsche with no breaks I tell you.


My Future.


Nothing but joy for you in 2017.


My newly found freedom. Just knowing that I am responsible for everything that happens to me from now henceforth blows my mind away!


My Freedom. Believe me, getting rid of thoughts that confine you is so fulfilling.


Myself a lot lately. I got myself new sneakers. As a reward for not killing myself when I could have. Life can be so unfair. Seriously though, I have had moments when I think ‘what if I just died?’ I shoo those thoughts away though.


I see change within the next three months. I will be at that gym every week day without fail. You know I can commit.


Nothing really.A million shillings maybe.


Pitch. Have you watched this series? Please do. Let me tell you something about sports. I have these motivational videos on Serena Williams and Michael Jordan and this people may have made it seem so easy but they had to work hard at it and the most common thing is having the mindset of a champion. They make me know I can do it as well.


That the universe responds to positive energy with equal measure.


Of just how much a champion I am going to be in the next one year.


The heat that ambition gives me. Do you feel it?


Evan Carmichael on YouTube. I am so happy I found his channel.

*    *   *   *

I really hope this New Year brings your entire dreams closer home. I hope my blog gives you life and a chance to have hope again. I really hope you commit to one thing that is not a person and have an incredible year. I hope you come to my blog often and on that note,please subscribe below.

Thank you in advance!


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My name is Natalie.I am a young entrepreneur, scientist and a certified feminist who believes in women empowerment. This blog is my little way of encouraging women to live better lives.It is also proof that you cannot get your dream body in one day. I hope someone takes up the challenge.


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