Swimming tips for Beginners

‘You gotta get up and try’-P!NK


I may have mentioned my insecurity at the pool here. Come to think of it, I do not even know why I was scared in the first place. I feel kind of stupid now .Nobody cares really.Even when you are slim with a big belly,you get a pass.Anyway,I wanted to swim for a long time but I couldn’t.I thought of the pool as this place where ‘specific’ people go. I was wrong. Those were just silly thoughts that I had confined myself to.

The pool came for free in campus and in my third year,I dedicated three months to learning how to swim.I went to the pool nearly daily.I cannot say I was helped because I did all the work,by the time I was attending classes,I could already swim across the pool.

Here’s the thing about having a goal:work.However small the progress is,do not stop working.I just wanted to highlight some tips to help a beginner at the pool:


Go to the pool!

You do not swim in theory,okay?Get up and go to the pool.You will be scared at first then get used to it.With time you will make friends and swim the wrong direction together.If you do not go to the pool,you’ll think swimming is something for the elite.No,it is for ordinary people like you and I.

Day one is for feeling the water (Patience please)

Do not try to dive on the first day.Take it slow and get used to the water. Sit by the pool side with your legs touching the water. Try touching your toes in a standing position at the shallow end.You will find yourself floating.Do that a couple of times .Hold onto the rail and let your body float away.Flap your legs in that position.Just allow yourself to get used to the water.

Do not worry about the deep end

By far my best lesson.When you worry about something so much, you do not do it, not because you cannot but because of fear.Focus of learning how to swim first. Most people drown out of fear more than they do their inability to swim.As you perfect either the breast stroke (my favorite) ,freestyle, backstroke or butterfly,you will gradually take yourself to the deep end on your own.

You will swallow

A gallon of water I mean.I may have taken about five liters before I finally perfected my art.I thought of all those rascals who shamelessly pee at the pool.Which reminds me,in my microbiology class; we classified a swimming pool as one of the dirtiest places on earth.I can tell you for free that if you have immunity problems,just get another hobby.I watched a kid puke at the baby pool.I’m just saying.

Go to the pool when stressed

Whenever I have a bad day,I go to the pool.It’s like my problems are instantly washed away.Not really but it eases the burden. It is just amazing what one swim can do.


Have an awesome day at the pool!

Go get ‘em!

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