Swimming Lesson: How to Freestyle (The Front Crawl)


Yesterday I offered some tips for beginners at the pool. I hope they were useful. So, assuming you had fun on day one, you are eager to just swim away, how do you go about it? I will teach you the most basic way of swimming today. The front crawl or freestyle is so easy to learn.

Step one:

Relax. Just Breathe.

Take a standing position at the shallow end; make sure the rail is close by. The rail is a long metal bar that is found in every swimming pool. Hold onto the rail and start moving your legs further from it until you have formed a v-like shape with your body,facing away from the pool.Slowly deep your face into the water while holding your breath. You can repeat it continuously to figure out how long you can hold your breath.

Step two:

Once you can comfortably last 10 seconds or so,you are ready.Keep moving your legs further from the rail until you are almost lying horizontally on the water surface.Flap your feet on the surface.You will notice that your body is balanced.

Step 3:

Keep flapping your feet while letting go off one hand from the rail. When you feel balanced, let go off the other hand.See?You are floating.This process may take long but once you get it,you will not need the rail.

Step 4:

Leave the rail alone,now face the pool. As if you are diving,move both hands forward and flap your feet one at a time.You are actually moving but you do not know.If you keep doing this for long,you already have your free style! Sometimes you may think you are moving but you aren’t, if you are swimming with a friend, they will probably laugh but it’s okay. Just have fun.

Step 5:

You now need to row the boat.Don’t stop flapping your feet.You may die. Lol! Row your right hand in a circular manner up to your hip/waist then take it back to its original position.Row the left one as well and take it back. Remember to row downwards; do not make a spread circular motion. That is for the breast stroke. You can always start with the right until you perfect it then the left takes over.

Congratulations! You are now a swimmer!


It may take you long to learn how to breathe when free styling but I have the perfect style for breathing coming up next. For freestyle,as you make the downward circular row,you tilt your head to the side as I have in the picture.I wasn’t relaxed as you can see but it is much easier when you are calm.You can do it at intervals as soon as you are running out of air.

Warning:Do not use anything other than your mouth to breathe.

Bonus for ladies only:

Sweetheart, it is impossible to look cute while swimming. Stop trying.

Now go swim,will you?

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