TEEZIE 5: Bloggers who are killing it!

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I decided to let my blog represent my personality. In the world of motivation, you are an average of the five people you hang out with. This section is therefore dedicated to those whom I perceive to be the best in their art or science. So, supposing I was to hang out with anyone in their area of specialty, it would be them. Because I’m a blogger, I had to have ‘my family and co’ in the first episode of this series.

Here are my top 5:

Linda Ikeji

My number one blogspiration.  All the way from Nigeria, Linda has built an empire from scratch. She has been blogging since 2006. Being an entertainment blogger has its challenges and she has managed to overcome them. She has a killer fashion sense. Reading this article of hers changed my life. I was a very impatient person but I learnt that success does not happen overnight .With over 600,000 people visiting her blog daily, she clearly has lived up to being the epitome of struggle begetting strength.

Allegro Dinkwanyane

Another entertainment blogger yet, running her empire Orgella Entertainment At the age of 26, she appeared on South Africa’s Top 40 Under 40 business women in 2016.Her blog is five years old and she has seven other businesses as well. Talk about Black girl magic. I would totally hang out with her.

Jane Mukami

I would be a total sucker if I didn’t acknowledge Jane’s fitness empire. She has been constant motivation. Kenyanfitgirl is definitely a place I like to hang out. Here’s to fitness bloggers making an impact.

Sharon Mundia

Keeping it Kenyan. The genius behind thisisess is definitely my best Kenyan blogger. Probably everyone’s favorite too. When I was planning my blog, I went through Sharon’s blog from day one. I have shown every photographer I have worked with the blog. I am very specific about what I want and she set the bar. I am slowly getting there. My taking stock series is also borrowed from her blog because I couldn’t wait for her to take stock; I am such a big fan. Thank you Sharon.

Samuel Majani

I would definitely love to have a chat with Kenya’s biggest blogging CEO. His blog was started in a bedroom. As at the time I am writing this,Ghafla! Is worth more than 50 million.So much for ambition. He is an engineering dropout who managed to transform his struggles into a business.




In case I ever forget to mention it, I acknowledge my former boss David Mabiria and his team from Magazine Reel who gave me the opportunity to nurture my online writing skills. I learnt a lot from watching him dedicate his effort to his site. Magazine Reel won the Safaricom Appwiz Challenge in 2014.

Magazine Reel at Safaricom Appwiz Challenge

I would really thank Denshi Shisia of The Campus LadyMagazine for helping me grow through these online streets.

Denshi Shisia of The Campus Lady Magazine

Last but not least,my childhood friend Dickson Otieno of techish.com has been of great help and first introduced me to blogging. I am grateful to each and every one of you. Blessings.

Dickson Otieno from techish.com








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