Welcome to Teezie Book Club!

Happy New Week!

You have been blessed to see yet another week and kick butt! Do not misuse it. The book club is finally here and I am so eager to set the ball rolling. I would like to officially welcome you to our book club. You are here because you are curious and I assure you that it is a good thing.

The books we will read here have transformed millions of lives. They have sold millions of copies and are recommended by some of the world’s most successful people. I want to be great. I want you to be great too. I hope this journey makes you see the world through my eyes.

Book One:

To kick start our book club, I picked Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book has caused a stir over the years,many doubting its credibility. I however started reading it and in the spirit of ignoring the naysayers, I believe there’s a lot to learn from this bestseller. I may have mentioned here that Will Smith gave the book to his son Trey.I believe he is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, I believe there has to be a good reason as to why he gave his son the book.


I have picked the option of reading one chapter every week.I am a lazy reader.Maybe you are too so setting aside 30 minutes before bedtime to read won’t be so hard on you.Maybe with time we will shorten but one chapter a week is fine with me. Taking this into account, we will take 12 weeks to finish this book since it has 10 chapters. The first episode will be a profile of the author and the last one a summary of the book.


I do not want to be in this alone. I will make summaries and if you feel touched by a particular topic, you are free to comment either on the comments’ section or on my social media handles. Let us engage and make the book club a success. If you are within my age bracket a.k.a ‘millennial’ it’s about time we proved that we can also do something worthwhile online. I am counting on you!

You have everything to gain.


If you have any suggestions on what books to read or how anything should be done,do not hesitate to give your feedback on the comments’ section of my blog or social media handles.

Starting next week, we are doing this!Tag your friends along, you are an average of the five people you hang out with and if the five are millionaires, you will be the sixth millionaire. All millionaires read to improve themselves! Cheers!

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