Swimming tutorial: Learn the Breaststroke


How is the week coming along? January should just end already. What a slow month! Remember when we tried the free style here? Well, it’s about time we learn the breaststroke, my favorite way of swimming. It is sort of the mediator between the freestyle and the butterfly. Not only does it allow you to breathe easy but also exercise the whole body to exhaustion, good for weight loss.


Step 1: Starting position

My legs are apart in this shoot but they should not be. The starting position should be a resting and calm position. If you have gone through all the stages from the beginning you should be able to rest I suppose. Just lie on the water surface with your backside up. The breast stroke is the slowest way to swim but the most relaxing if done right.

Step 2: Spread the arms (Pull)

When learning the freestyle, the arms were rowed downwards. Here however, we spread the arms far apart as if drawing a circle, simultaneously. It resembles a pool. The spread should be brought up to the breast as you return to the original position, hence its name.

Step 3: Rise up and Breath

Half way through the spread above,you need to thrust your upper body with all the strength you can in order to gasp some air. This may be tedious at first but with a little practice, you will get used to it. You may also take a lot of water that you do not need in, in memory of those who pee at the pool.

Step 4: Kick!

After returning to your original position, you need to kick outwards as you can see. The kick has to involve your waist too, to propel you forward.

Repeat the steps until you are perfect.


Fun fact: You can still move forward when you do either the pull or the kick without involving both of them. Stay in the original position and just kick or keep your legs still and do the pull.It is a little fun that way. Remember to only use your mouth for breathing, no nose please.

Good luck!




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