Sit-Ups for Two


Slow week huh? I am almost breaking down now. Anyway, I managed to hit the gym today .I had a pile of laundry yesterday that I opted to wash instead of going to the gym. Not a good choice but I have clean gym clothes to show for it so I win!

When I first picked up fitness,I could barely lift myself of the floor. Today however,I held a 10kg dumbbell as I repeatedly did my sit-ups.It is taking time since I am a newbie at the gym but I know in six months I will be super strong.Little baby steps on this one.

Do you have a fitness buddy? I introduced this to my class last year.It is a great way of doing sit-ups when you have a partner.All you have to do is lift yourself off the floor and pat the palm of their hands. You do that simultaneously until you get tired.

I am so sluggish this morning, I’ll look for a way to spice the day up so I am not writing much today.

Grab your friend and do some sit ups, will you?

Before I forget:


You can nominate my blog for the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Award under the category of Best New Blog Here in three simple steps:

  1. Click Home on my blog.
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  3. Go to the BAKE site I have provided here.
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You are done!

Nominations end on 10th of February.I am so counting on you!Tell a friend to tell a friend.

See you tomorrow.


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