Float Away: The Backstroke Tutorial


Last Friday of January! Finally we can start living. I know payday is around the corner and you are happy so party on! We had the freestyle tutorial here,and the breaststroke one here, it’s time to float away.

I do not usually swim when it comes to the backstroke; I just sort of relax while facing the sky and count my blessings hoping I do not drown.The only thing that will hold you back during the backstroke may be fear. If you can just get rid of those thoughts of drowning; you will have the most relaxing moment of your life.

Here we go:

Step One: The deep end is king

Go to the deep end,assuming you have already learned the freestyle and breaststroke.Alternatively,you can start from the shallow end.I prefer the deep end because floating is almost nearly automatic.It has something to do with pressure and physics,I probably cannot explain that but I do remember pressure increases with increase in depth so most of the pressure is at the bottom of the deep end,allowing you to float more comfortably than at the shallow end.

Step two: The rail is savior

Whether you are at the deep or shallow end, your next move is to find a way to hook your feet under the rail as you attempt to float. The rail is the thick metallic rod, every pool has it. Ensure that you can support your whole body as I have below. Try to be relaxed.

Step 3: Flap

Slowly unhook your feet from the rail. Begin to flap them up and down as you do during the free style. You will find yourself moving. It is a good sign.

Step 4: Row

Remember how we rowed downwards during the freestyle? We do the same here except we are facing the sky as opposed to facing downwards. The backstroke is simply a reverse of the freestyle.If rowing seems to be a big deal as it is to me,just flap your feet.You will still move.

The weekend is here,can we get swimming already?


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