TEEZIE 5: My favorite Apps

Happy Saturday,

I decided to end the week by sharing some of my favorite  applications that are totally free! I hope you find them useful:

The English Dictionary

I am a writer .It goes without saying that a dictionary is mandatory. I literally cannot have a phone without a dictionary in it. It comes in handy when I am not sure about spellings, case in point, when I was writing my swimming article, I forgot how to use breathe and breath. My dictionary has saved me so many times. I wish I had an app for phrases though, I would be sorted. Maybe it just has something to do with being one of the best English students throughout school. If you want to polish your grammar, I suggest a dictionary asap!

11,000 quotes and sayings

Motivation. I have mentioned time and again that I feed myself motivation from any corner. This app is the Will Smith of motivation. I wake up to a new quote every morning and seek wisdom from those who have been where I am going.


This is my savior. When you are a student, live stream can be tedious to your pockets so I download videos instead. It is probably the reason I have each one of Evan Carmichael’s videos on top ten rules for success by the world’s most successful musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs etc. I am pretty sure download is less expensive than a live stream when using internet bundles. Talk about life hacks.

Period Tracker

Ladies, stop not knowing when your period is coming next. Seriously. It is gross. A period tracker will estimate your average cycle and alert you when it’s almost time. You do not need to be the girl who asks for a pad before exams, at the queue or mid yoga class. Start being responsible for your menses. It is so embarrassing to be the 27 year old who gets their white jeans stained. Take responsibility, will you?

Category Quiz

Did you watch Zain Africa Challenge or Who’s Smarter Now? These were the Kenyan equivalents of College Bowl. I am a sucker for general knowledge. All the way from geography, economy to literature, I find it fascinating to know Newton’s first law of motion, the logos for fortune 500 companies or the first black actress to win an academy award. Regardless of how small the information is, I love category quiz because I get to have knowledge while testing my IQ.

Over to you, what are some of your favorite Apps? I’d like to know. I may try them out.

See you on Monday at the book club. I hope you have your copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad.


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