The Future is Female

Yesterday, I watched with sheer contempt and utter disgust as the young men of my generation, in their tiny minded element, under a community that exists behind an icon on their phones, shamelessly trolled Ambassador Amina Mohammed .She did not win obviously but the vigor and determination with which this group of young ‘intellectuals ‘ wished for her downfall was saddening. These are people whom I perceive to be young politicians in the making. Supposing I was to run for an elective position, these are people I may have considered as part of a solid government. I am ashamed on their behalf. I can bet on my life that if this brood got to parliament, they will be just as shrewd as the politicians they criticize. Kenya supported her candidate, like any sane government would.

This embarrassing feat got me thinking. Ambassador Mohammed is not the only victim of this kind of redundant attack. In retrospect, all ambitious women are targets of little minded dimwits with too much airtime and nothing solid going on. When a woman reaches the peak of her career, society throws jabs at her. There is always a vice tied to her success. She cannot have made it to the top out of merit, she must have been aided or worse still, slept her way to the top.

Kenya High School, an all-girl institution recorded consistency in the K.C.S.E  results last year, amid tight examination conditions that prevented massive cheating, a common trend in the past years. The principal is doing something right. In this era where cheating, even at life is so easy and magicians who succeed out of nowhere are honored by peers, a breed of women is emerging.

These women draw inspiration from the likes of Ambassador Mohammed. They are passionate, motivated, creative and self –driven. They do not embrace the traditional adage that women belong to the kitchen. These millennials are entrepreneurs; they are not scared to take risks. They will not hesitate to start their own companies, build their own brands or request for a promotion. They will negotiate business deals with the fearlessness of a tiger and handle setbacks with the tenacity of gneiss. They will raise tough girls while their male counterparts maintain as ‘Sportpesa Investors’.

Speaking of Sportpesa, these women may just be the next internet moguls of the century because their male counterparts cannot think beyond holding down twenty shots of tequila, let alone creating an app. They will litter top business charts and fashion magazines because they can slay in heels as well. They will receive award after award because they put in years of hard work. They will dominate government positions and take their companies public. They will dominate international diplomacy meetings and terrorist negotiations. The will, in the footsteps of highly criticized women like Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, hold public offices, display integrity, commitment and national cohesion.

They will not have twerk videos on instagram for your entertainment. They will not play dumber than they are to get to be liked. They will not seek attention; it will come to them naturally. They will add value to society while the male counterparts lust over big bums on instagram. They will not be liked, but respected because they uphold dignity. They will make policies and deliver news with zeal. They will change political blogging to support the government because they are patriotic. They will be great women because, unlike their male counterparts, they were prepared for the future.

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