On a personal level, I stopped checking my weight because the fitness journey is not about losing weight anymore. I however know that it fluctuates somewhere between 56-58 kg since I was consistent in weighing myself during the first three months..My height is 1.5 meters.

How important is your body mass index?

This is a game of numbers that fluctuate. There are ideal weights for certain heights as you will see but science leaves room for error. You can use your body mass index to determine whether you are overweight, underweight or obese. This will help you assess your health and estimate the risks. Unhealthy weight, both overweight and underweight can be a predisposing factor to some diseases which we will look at in our next posts.

What is the ideal weight for each height?

There’s no such thing as ideal weight. Science has however come up with rough estimates .I feel like there is no need to stress out, just play within the ideal figure. Are you within the range?

source: louzado.com

How do you calculate your body mass index (BMI)?

BMI= Weight (Kg)/ Height (M2)

From the statistics I gave you above of my personal weight and height, how about we calculate my body mass index?

      Nattie’s  BMI = 57/1.52



How do you interpret body mass index?

I really want to alter my figures so that I look good but science is about facts and next time I will weigh myself before I calculate this so here’s my embarrassing result which is not that bad I assume:

Below 18.5=Underweight

18.5-24.9= Healthy weight

25.0-39.9= Overweight

Over 30 = Obese

I cannot believe I’m overweight! Science, really?

There you have it folks! See you tomorrow for some more science.

Special book club Announcement:

I hope you guys are reading.I love the book already.I can’t wait to analyze the introduction. Keep it lit all week and read the introduction over and over till you can memorize it.

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