This week was a science affair. We calculated body mass index (BMI) and learned the health risks of Obesity. My final piece for the week will be on being overweight .Based on my body mass index from Wednesday’s survey, I am overweight. I am on a fitness journey so I guess that will change.

What is being overweight and how does it differ from obesity?

When your body mass index is between 25-29, you are considered overweight as opposed to being obese (BMI of 30). This is a sign that you need to do something about your weight. It shows accumulation of fat to unhealthy levels which may eventually lead to obesity.

What are some of its causes?

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Stress
  • Little or no sleep
  • Medication
  • Eating disorders such as overeating

Which health risks are associated with being overweight?

Being overweight has been shown to be common cause for cancer, primarily in developed countries. Other health effects are similar to obesity as we learned here but lesser in magnitude.

Are there any psychological effects?

Overweight teenagers and young adults are often subjected to ridicule among peers. The media also portrays being skinny as ideal and women are often targets of fraudulent diet fads. On a personal level, since this is what led me to exercise in the first place, exercising regularly, at least three times a week can lead to an incredible amount of weight lost over a long period of time.

How can it be treated?

Regular exercise. My recommendation is three times a week. Maintaining a steady balance between what you take in and what you waste (during exercise) is mandatory since you can be taking in more calories than you burn.


BMI calculates general weight and does not differentiate muscle from fat. People with muscle will tend to record high BMI results. I do not think this poses a health risk since muscle is all-protein.


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