Last week, we calculated body mass index (BMI), discussed obesity and being overweight, how about being underweight for a change? Underweight people have body mass index of less than 18.5.This signifies that their weights are too low for their heights.

Causes of being underweight

  • Genetics

Unfortunately, some people are genetically underweight. I think with the right diet and exercise, someone can try to overcome this. I have seen very skinny people who hit the gym and ate right and actually changed their bodies. I think this also depends largely on the body’s ability to respond.

  • Drug abuse

This is a bit obvious. People with long-term history of substance abuse tend to drastically lose weight.Most abused drugs are muscle wasting.

  • Medical conditions

Some medical conditions such as cancer and tuberculosis are associated with extreme loss of weight in the last stages of disease progression.

What health conditions are associated with being underweight?

  • Anemia

When the body lacks enough hemoglobin, the red blood cells do not carry oxygen therefore there is limited supply of blood to various tissues. This is always characterized with a lot of fatigue. The main cause is iron deficiency and diets that contain iron such as red meat spinach and beans.

  • Hair loss

Seen especially in women, hair loss is a common result of malnutrition. Common in women with eating disorders.

  • Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)

The menstrual cycle of malnourished women is often irregular or not experienced at all.

  • Weak immunity

This may subject malnourished individuals to secondary infection that in some cases lead to mortality.


A healthy diet and regular exercise routine. I would personally recommend lifting weights to any slim person wanting to gain weight. Build some muscle ,will you?

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