So tired today.I’ll just dive right into stock…

Making: Sure I stick to my 2017 goals.


Healthy. Finally! Treading carefully lest I backslide so I reserve Sundays for cheat meals.


Masala tea. Mornings and evenings. It is my substitute for coffee since I read bad things about caffeine.


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. In case you haven’t joined the book club, what are you waiting for?


To live in the moment. Sometimes I get obsessed with the future that I forget to take a moment to just breathe. So once in a while, I drop the make-up, head to this place in campus where they serve some good tea and just relax. Some evenings, I take a walk while listening to music. I miss the green grass, I’m such a lover of nature and the drought is doing no justice to my affiliation for green ambience.


All songs on my playlist as I type. I love the way each of them takes me through different emotions. There’s Hey Stranger by Reekado Banks which has an amazing melody. It is a break up song but I love the beats so much that I forget the lyrics are meant to be sad. Welle welle by Timmy Dat makes just want to get up and dance and yes! I am very welle welle. Then we have loliwe by Zahara which is just calm and good to listen to I guess and Poison by Beyoncé which reminds me of my sisters because they love it so much. My sisters call me boniboni to mean bones. I really miss them because we always have this silly inside jokes that we just laugh so much at. Their laughter is contagious I tell you.


The Future.


I had all the money in the world to just do everything I want to do. I am at the startup stage where ideas are rich but Cashflow isn’t. This is probably why people prefer the certainty of 9-5 jobs. The truth is that even if I quit now, in five months I will be back at it and it will be the same process all over again. This is probably the patience with which I am handling my fitness journey as well. I am going to endure. There’s this saying:

“In general, do not start a startup you are not willing to work on for 10 years.”

I took that seriously when I started and I am living every moment of it.


When my miracle will happen.


Nation FM lately. Do you know how amazing it is to just listen to music throughout when working out? I can almost predict the song they will play next. They really make my mornings worthwhile. Speaking of workout, squats will be the death of me. I chewed blackout the first time I raised a barbell. I kid you not. For like 20 seconds I saw stars and colors all over and nearly lost balance. Believe me when I say death is real.


February brings new joys.


More tank tops and sneakers. I feel like I have used the ones I have so much. More sports socks would do. A new water bottle is also looming since the previous one broke.


How to get away with Murder. I am hooked and it is so well written. I have a crush on Wes. Some spoilers told me that he died but lemme keep crushing. He actually looks like someone I know. The things I have done to him on my head, Hmmmh…


The Business Insider.


That my passions chose me way before I became self-aware. It is so fulfilling to do what I love. Some people do not get to do things they love in their lifetime and I feel lucky to be in a position to do that. If I died today, I’d be satisfied that at least I tried to reach for my dream.

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