My greatest insecurity has always been my love handles. When I took up fitness regularly, the first thing I did was to look for effective exercise that would get rid of my love handles. I landed the wood chopper and Russian twists, both of which are very effective in working the core. Remember the core? I tried both of them and I must say that the wood chopper is very effective, based on the intensity of the burn.

Note:The tutorial is different when using weights but the concept remains the same. I am only sharing what has worked for me without the use of weights. Everything I share on my blog, I have tried on myself and I am still learning, it is therefore not meant to contradict any ‘expert’ opinion.

Step one:

Spread your legs apart as I have above, make an overhead clap depending on the side you want to start the workout from. If you choose left, ensure your upper body is tilted to the left and vice versa. I began with my right.

Step two:

As if you are chopping wood, lower your hands diagonally to the toes on the other side of the body. Repeat the same on the opposite direction as well. Do this couple of times and if you feel the burn, know that it is working. You may not sleep in peace. I brought it into my gym routine this week using a 12kg barbell and to be honest, I am burning as I type this now.

If you can lift something heavy as you do the wood chopper, the better for you.

Significance of the wood chopper:

Love handles gone! I won’t even go to details. I want them gone as well. Buried. Dead. I hate love handles. Who called them love handles anyway? These tires got me insulted by someone who doesn’t absolutely know me. He said my butt and waist are on the same level yet I am flossing. Lol! It really hurt then but I’m working on it. Choi! Love handles are the reason I was scared to wear any fitting tops. My reason for being stuck in blazers 24/7. I can’t wait to have my waist trimmed. I am sort of mad if you can tell but I’m working on it. Amen?

See you tomorrow for some Teezie 5 series.

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  1. Thank you for this secret of killing them – love handles. That is my problem area


    1. Welcome Lilian


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