My blog is about my fitness journey. Six days a week, from Monday to Saturday I make it all about me. That is a beautiful thing when you are self-centered but I created this segment, not only to empower myself but to also empower other women as well. A great source of empowerment is not only by learning from one’s mistake but from others’ as well. This segment is going to be my little way of connecting women.
We have all undergone hardships in life, in one way or another and we continue to surge on. This will be a platform to be able to learn from each other. I believe it is better than telling you five things about me.
Here is how it goes:
• Do you have an inspiring story about any area of your life?
• Would you like to share it with the world?
• Can you write it in 1000 words or less?
Here’s your chance to share your story on my blog and inspire another woman.
Send an email of your story and complete profile, accompanied with a photo or two to malkiateezie@gmail.com.
• The stories will be posted every Saturday on my blog
• Touching stories that require anonymity will be considered as well.
I am eager to hear your stories. I hope to learn from you and be inspired to go through life with courage.

See you at the book club on Monday.

Posted by Nattie

My name is Natalie.I am a young entrepreneur, scientist and a certified feminist who believes in women empowerment. This blog is my little way of encouraging women to live better lives.It is also proof that you cannot get your dream body in one day. I hope someone takes up the challenge.

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