I have seen these quotes do rounds on the internet a couple of times:

“Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.”


“It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft.”

It has stuck by me ever since and I believe it is 100% true. How many times have you seen a less talented star make record hits, receive an award, start a successful business or even pass that test? As a teenager and up until I was 21 years old, I never let this phenomenon sink in. If you look at the people who have become names to reckon with in their areas of specialty, they speak the same language of hard work. Most youngsters like me thought it was just hard work for that one particular song, event, show or book. The truth is that real masters exercise their craft when no one else is watching, when it is just them and their dream. The only difference between them and those who never go as far is probably in their ability to execute their plans and seek opportunities that find them prepared.


Committing to a talent nurtures one to become skillful after years and years of practice. I am not certainly the lazy blogger I was years ago who could not draft two posts in a week. If I keep at it for the next three years, I may just have a master class. Nothing is achievable without commitment and becoming self-aware has taught me not to get caught up in the fantasy of the vision but to work the plan.

I watched a clip of Kobe Bryant and the gym trainer said he would come to the gym earlier than anybody else, he would make sure he trained and made 800 shots every day, the trainer would go back to sleep and come back to find him at the court, drenched in sweat, working himself off. In Kobe’s mind as told by Shaq, he swore to become the Will Smith of the NBA.

Not good enough:

I think the main motivation for perfecting the hustle, the grind and the art or science comes from a point of understanding that one is not good enough. That knowledge that you are not the best looking model, most gifted singer, and most able student often drives people to work on their areas and emerge the best. Imagine what someone who is actually good enough would accomplish if they put in the same effort?

Innate ability and purpose:

More often than not, we ignore the things that come naturally to us and force ourselves to try something that worked for someone else. Jay Z for one said that he built his businesses around areas that were true to his childhood, like sports and rap. Taylor swift and Rihanna both said they practiced in front of mirrors or performed to family. We know someone’s kid sister who bakes the best cakes from a young age or that brother who is obsessed with computers and machines. These little passions are not random. It is the universe pointing us to that particular direction. The things people tell you randomly like ‘you could make a good lawyer’ or ‘are you a model?’ even when you are not mean the universe is speaking and if you could put a little work into that ability, you could just be one of the greatest because they are in line with your purpose.

So, work on your natural gifts and by all means, they may just be your source of income.


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