Let me warn you first, this exercise is not the normal v-up. I just saw it on the baseball series Pitch and tried it out. I could not feel my tummy afterwards because that thing burnt like hell. So, this is the perfect abs workout I could ever tell a friend to take up.

Step one:

Get yourself into the position I have above. I do not really have the words to explain it since it sounds good to follow a pic with words. Lol! Ensure your body is forming a V.

Step two:

With your legs together, kick away from your chest, make it as hard as you can but do not break your bones doing it.Return to your original position and repeat the kick; go back and forth till your abs burn.

Significance of the V-Up Wannabe

It strengthens your core. In case you forgot the core, you can check it up on the fitness dictionary here. The main muscles worked are abs. See you tomorrow for some more workout posts.

Update: Turns out it’s called the V-sit. Now I know.



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