I love anything that works my tummy. I may have mentioned about those deep tummy issues I have had that led me to starting  my fitness journey. I spent time researching on perfect tummy workouts and there are numerous believe me. This one really stands out. I like to do it while listening to Muziki by Ben Pol. The songs beats rhyme with the moves I must confess. You can try it at home today.

I wish I could just post the pics and be gone. Anyway, ensure that your elbow and knees are near each other maximum effect.

Repeat step one using the other side as well. Alternate both sides simultaneously while maintaining balance.


The biggest problem when trying the bicycle crunch is coordination. In the pic below, you can see that none of the legs are straight. That being said, you will find it difficult stretching all the way and maintain balance so ensure you look like you are riding a bicycle in the air while moving the arms. If you are listening to a song with good beats, you will find yourself creating a rhythm on your own.

Significance of the bicycle crunch

It works on your oblique muscles and abs. You can see those muscles here.

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