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First I would like to appreciate Yvonne who did the wood chopper using weights and told me it worked! You know it works when you can feel the effect so, thanks for the feedback Yvonne. Much appreciated.

The reverse plank is yoga. I still stretch but maybe my journey with yoga came to rest because I learned the hardest ones before the easy ones and now I’m not so motivated. It really sucks. Here are some of my photos during good times with yoga.

Back to today’s topic; try to do the reverse plank when you are very relaxed, it is definitely one of the easy ones. Do it while listening to music or just counting 1-1000 maybe?

It helps in working your core. I also learned that it prevents your hips from sagging; now I want to do it six times a day lol! It is very good for your glutes.  That’s it for today.

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Special Announcement:

Every Saturday, instead of Teezie 5, we will have Courage Stories instead. It is a forum where you are allowed to tell your own story in your own words. Just email me malkiateezie@gmail.com and I will edit and air your story so someone else can be inspired by it.

See you kesho and since it is Friday, don’t party too hard.

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