“The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their income statements.”

Ray Kroc, MacDonald’s’ founder was invited to give a talk to an MBA class.

He asked the students, “What business am I in?”

After an awkward silence, someone replied, “Who doesn’t know you sell hamburgers Ray?”

“I thought you’d say that. I am in Real Estate.”

He then went on to explain how his hamburger business is just the tip of his real business, real estate.

Focusing on the income

Most people who are employed focus on their income column instead of accumulating assets.

”I need a raise.”

“I am going to work overtime.”

“I will get a second job.”

“I will go back for training so I can get a better job.”

All these ideas are good but they focus on the income column and make them dependent on the income column. Maybe they would not need to work as much if they focused on acquiring assets with the additional income. At the end of their working days, they have nothing to show for their effort.


These are businesses that do not require your presence. If it requires your presence, it is work.

They may include:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Income-generating real estate
  • Notes( IOUs)-
  • Royalties from intellectual properties such as music, scripts and patents
  • Anything with value that produces income and has market

Starting a Company vs. Minding your Business

In the words of Robert:

“I do not encourage anyone to start a company unless they want to. Knowing what I know about running a company, I wouldn’t wish that task on anyone. There are times when people cannot find employment and starting a company seems like the best solution. But the odds are against success: Nine out of 10 companies fail within their first five years. Those that survive the five years fail within the next 10.So only start a company if you really have the desire. Otherwise, keep your job and mind your business (The asset column should be strong).


Indulge in luxuries as your cash flow grows. Rich people however buy luxuries last. The poor and middle-class buy luxuries first so they can appear rich: Big houses, diamonds, jewelry, and boats etc. They buy luxuries with their own sweat and sometimes get in debt for it. True luxury should be reward for investment and financial intelligence.



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