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Once again,I just want to simplify this bit of science because it took me so long to figure it out myself. For the better part of my fitness journey, I was avoiding carbohydrates a lot.There was a time when I stopped eating ugali and rice for three weeks. I stopped to think, what the hell am I doing? I cannot do this all my life for sure. I lost a lot of weight during that time but I really missed a good meal.

I dug in a little further on this topic because, to be honest. I wasn’t going to ditch ugali all my life.Based on what I learned in class and from the mastermind behind Wikipedia, here’s what I have gathered so far on this topic.

Fatty-Acid Synthesis

Carbohydrates are required by the body to generate fat. They are precursors in the metabolic process called glycolytic pathway through which fat is synthesized. So hypothetically speaking, if you take in a lot of carbs, you are feeding the metabolic process that synthesizes fat.Let us take into account the fact that we all have different bodies genetically and are influenced by different environments so this kind of thinking is typical to an ideal metabolism kind of situation.

Carbs In – Fat In

More carbs, more fat basically. Therefore for someone who is trying to lose weight by shedding fat, it would be ideal to exercise so you can burn the fat and also limit carbohydrates which are used to synthesize fat.Hence,the low -carbohydrate diet.

Which foods are low in Carbohydrate?

There are plenty of foods that are low in carbohydrate including;

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Fruits and Vegetables

So, should you keep off carbohydrates completely?

Absolutely not.We are not trying to kill ourselves here.I believe we are trying to find something that we would be comfortable adapting as a lifestyle. I suggest creating a balance between your low- carbohydrate and high- carbohydrate intake.This may include a cheat meal or two.Depends on you. Just don’t beat yourself up with a regime that is not a  good lifestyle.

See you tommorow.

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