It’s March. Yaaaay! I am so excited because the year is taking shape and I have worked with a make-up artist for this month’s shoot.Don’t I look awesome? Lol! It was in my bucket list just so you know. Talk of facebeat. Anyho, let’s take stock. I feel like I have so much to say.

Making: Room for a new relationship. I am so rigid when it comes to love matters. It doesn’t help that I am a feminist so I’ll be a little open to dating.Or rather going on dates. No commitments for now. I’ll take slooow baby steps.

Cooking/Eating: A lot of sossi soya beans and rice lately. It’s my Sunday meal always. By the way let me get it out here that I’m a very good cook guys,when I decide to cook from the heart.

Drinking: Masala tea. You know my fave.I have been adding French toast to the game though.Now I have a winner!

Reading:  Rich Dad Poor Dad– Robert Kiyosaki .To be honest ,last week was a little busy so I did not read much but I promise to summarize the fourth chapter next week.

Wanting: A beautiful life. For myself, my parents and my siblings.

Playing:  Champion- Epoch Failure .This is my workout song at the moment. I get it done no matter how painful it is.

Creating: The Future.

Wishing: I am not wishing anymore. I know that anything I want, I can get if I work towards it. No wishes. A lot of action.

Wondering: No wonders either. I am not uncertain about anything at the moment.

Loving: My new water bottle. The old one broke and I got myself a new one.Also, I am redefining my fashion style and realizing that I’m so comfortable with sneakers as opposed to girly stuff so I am adding more jeans and sneakers to my collection.

Hoping: The future turns out great.

Needing: A companion maybe?

Watching: The Mick. Hilarious comedy! I love the little boy and the egocentric big brother. The Mexican maid is also a good one.


Noticing: That the universe responds to your energy. What we give is what we get and life isn’t perfect but I have gotten away with some situations just based on exhuming positive energy.

See you tommorow, I have something good coming up!

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My name is Natalie.I am a young entrepreneur, scientist and a certified feminist who believes in women empowerment. This blog is my little way of encouraging women to live better lives.It is also proof that you cannot get your dream body in one day. I hope someone takes up the challenge.

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