I may have mentioned that this week is all about fitness,hence no book club or lifestyle, my apologies to my avid readers.

So, the side plank.

If feel like this is a very underestimated abs workout. On a personal level, it has really helped steady my balance. I once heard that to check if one had a problem with an ear, you make them stand on one leg and check their balance.The same applies to alcohol ( obviously) but that is not what the side plank is all about.

The side plank takes care of your core. It helps improve your abdominal strength. Doing it may be a struggle at first, I still struggle with it too but with a little practice, anything is possible.

It is the sister to the reverse plank and normal plank that we looked at earlier.

All you have to do is stay in the position I have for as long as you can and turn to the other hand as well.

So, get exercising and don’t forget to tell me how it goes.

See you tomorrow

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