So sorry I was quiet yesterday. Business is booming, lol! Anyway I wanted to update you on how far I have come with the fitness journey.I am writing this immediately after sending ThisIsEss a fan mail.Happy Birthday Sharon.I will make an instagram post afterwards because I have come so far by looking up to Sharon.

So, here’s the update:


I am about  8 months into the fitness journey. I started my journey last year with a tummy trimmer and a lot of home workouts. I did that for about a month then took over outdoor fitness and running (cardio) till January 2017.I did not workout for three weeks in December.

In mid-January, I took up the gym which I have consistently been going to five days a week.On Saturdays, I workout at the field.Normally doing outdoor workouts and now introducing the tube resistance bands that I shared in my previous post.


At the beginning, my goal was to lose weight.I started at 64kgs.When I measured myself yesterday, I weighed 54 kgs which means I have lost 10 kilograms. I should be smiling, right?I am not.

One because I do not have abs yet and two because I now want to gain weight. Disturbing,huh? It’s a phase.All these are phases. It is one big rollercoaster, where you think you want something then get it and suddenly your goals have changed.

Healthy Eating

Still a struggle. I am however developing a routine that allows me not to stress myself. It is one of those areas that I am treading on carefully. Some people are automatically disciplined when it comes to food as opposed to workout. I am the inverse.I have my workout in check.On a good note though I am completely off junk, I only get to eat unhealthy once a week.My problem lies with foods like chapati and rice.How can I stay away from what I grew up eating?

And bread..at least it is always brown.


Still flexible. I am however learning other yoga moves just to improve my flexibility. I have been practicing the split which is by all means, the hardest thing I have ever tried.

Mental Health

Entrepreneurship makes you develop some weird habits, I kid you not. I am an alien at the moment.I do not need anyone in my space that interferes with my thoughts, my mind,my creativity. I am selective about who I work with, who I let into my personal space.I am also loving that I am in a good space with my family, one of the weird habits was being in bad terms because they did not just get it.I calmed down, when I started making little money (lol!) because it is proof that my business model is viable.

I realised that they are the only permanent thing I have for life and they always want the best for me so it would be wise to go slow on the pressure.I love each and everyone in my family and everything I do is partly for them.

My sane and calm moments come from realising that they will always be there.


That’s it for my journey so far.I will be answering questions that I got asked on my DM tommorow.If you haven’t been to my social media, check out @malkia_teezie on instagram and send me a DM.

See you!

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