“Often in the real world,it is not the smart but the bold who get ahead.”

In the real world, something more than academics and grades is required. Inside each and everyone of us is a brave,brilliant and daring character. The only thing that holds us back is self-doubt.Some of us are geniuses in school but when it comes to financial literacy that is required to survive the real world, we fall flat.Most brilliant employees are worried about getting raises more than making millions. They live pay cheque to pay cheque with a little left for emergency. People work harder because they cling to old ideas.Most of the people who live this life get angry when told so but see the need when they lose a job or their house, blaming the government and the economy for their predicament.

Failure to see opportunity

Financial intelligence is simply having more options. Some see a great opportunity, read it out loud,stare at it in the face then let it go.A person with financial intelligence creates their own luck.If you are the kind of person that waits for the right thing to happen, you may wait for a long time.It is like waiting for traffic lights to go green for five miles before starting your trip.

The power of the mind

The mind is the single most powerful asset we all have.In this age,money is increasing exponentially. People get rich ridiculously from nothing (no money is exchanged but an agreement is made).


In the early 90s,the economy of Phoenix, Arizona,was terrible. Houses that were $100,000 went for $75,000.I began shopping at the court steps and bankruptcy offices. I got $2000 which was loaned to me by a friend. I gave an attorney a cashier’s check as a down payment. While the acquisition was being processed,I ran an ad, advertising a $75,000 house for $60,000 and no money down.The phone rang hard and heavy. Prospective buyers were screened and once the property was legally mine,all the prospective buyers looked at the house.I asked for $2,500 processing fee and the company took over.I returned $2200 to my friend.He was happy,I was happy, the attorney was happy and the buyer was happy.I sold for $60,000 a house that I bought for $20,000.

The types of investors

The first kind of investor buys a packaged investment. It is a very clean way of investing.

The second investor creates investments. This investor assembles the same way a computer is assembled and puts all the pieces together for years. Sometimes they never do. This investor has three main skills:

  • Sees opportunity where everyone else has missed.
  • Raises money even when the bank says no.
  • Organizes smart people to work and push the company forward.

My Take:

I feel like I should up my game after reading this.I am speechless as usual.I should have found this book sooner.

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