Happy Friday!

Today was leg and glute day and I swear I cannot feel my legs right now. I am happy that I went through all the five days.Sometimes I get tired by Thursday and miss a workout.It has happened twice I think so thumbs up for completing the week!

Remember when I told you about cute guys at the gym? Now there are looooaads of them.I have kinda improvised the fisilet version of kula kwa macho but eeeish! Nothing is as attractive as a cute guy who works out.


Lunges are all about balance and coordination. The first time I tried to do them, I could not hold myself together. I am pictured doing the lunge with a tube resistance band but you can do the lunge without them.

Using the resistance tube band

For the resistance band, your legs should be reasonably apart ,one foot forward.You have to be steady.You bend one knee like you are kneeling as I have and at the same time pull the band.There is a video of the same on my Facebook page,Malkia Teezie.You have to keep ‘kneeling and pulling’ and you can do as many reps as you can. When the band goes up, the knee is down.When the knee goes up,the band goes down.Coordination is key.

Walking lunges

You do not need any equipment for the walking lunges.All you have to do is place your hands akimbo and ‘kneel’ forward while walking that means you repeat the left and right leg for this as opposed to the tube resistance band where you work one leg then work the other.Maintaining balance can be a problem but if you keep trying, you’ll get it right.

Using weights

I did this one this morning using a 35lb weight. It is the most effective since we are trying to work the Gluteus maximus muscles for that booty to pop.

I hope this was helpful.Try it and let me know.See you tomorrow.


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