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I’m Natalie and you may know or not know me but that is not important. Welcome to my blog and I hope you stick around. I am on a fitness journey, 8 months to be precise and boy…what a ride! I workout five times a week, sometimes I eat healthy, sometimes I don’t but what is consistent is my love for lifting weights and any form of exercise.Here are my top 10 things that only a fitness journey can teach you:

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  • Patience

Before fitness,I was one of the most impatient people I have ever known!I could not wait for things to happen. I did things in a hurry,left some half done and was always on to the next one.Fitness doesn’t happen overnight and once I realised that, I tuned my mind to workout and just relax.No hurry.As long as the work was done ,the results would show. Patience is very much needed in the first couple of months when you are putting in the work yet no results are showing.

  • Commitment

Impatient people are terrible at commitment.They cannot just wait for something to grow.Commitment means getting rid of any other options and sticking to that decision.Because fitness is long term (If you want results),it is mandatory that you eliminate any other options such as slimming pills or tea and dietary fads.

  • Perseverance

It hurts. It really hurts.That No Pain No Gain quote is real.I have had days when sleeping was hard because the whole body was aching. If you stop,you will have to start all over,that means experiencing the same pain twice.

  • Running out of excuses

“It’s raining.”

“I’ll start on Monday.”

“I’ll just workout tomorrow instead.”

“But I’m travelling.”

These are basic excuses that draw you further and further from your goal.You have to learn how to be disciplined.

  • Discipline

This is what happens when you run out of excuses.There are days that you are highly motivated and ready to conquer, then on the bad days,what puts you ahead of your goals is maintaining that call for action even when you do not feel like it.There are times when I do not feel like waking up or I do it so sluggishly but the minute I get to the gym, oh we are on! Those workouts always turn out to be some of my best workouts.

  • Rest but don’t quit (Do not go more than three days without exercise)

There was a time in December when I did not workout for three weeks.I was going through a rough patch.I could have said “This is not for me,” but I picked myself up and hit the gym because I was not close to my goals.I currently have a rule that I do not go three days without working out.

  • It’s about you.Not the world.

Weight loss or gain comes with a lot of judgement, mostly from the people around you. First they will give hints that you are fat,then they will feel some type of way when you are slimming up.People will always have something to say.Maybe ‘too thin’ ‘too bulky’ ,just ignore them and focus on your goals.

  • Slow progress is still progress

Everyone wants the big reveal! The big eureka! moment but fitness doesn’t work that way.You will learn how to appreciate the small things.Maybe the toned arms or the traces of abs or the glute gain.It will not happen at once so appreciate the small traces of progress.A 0.5 kilogram loss is still a loss.I lost 0.3 kg on my first week.I have lost up to 8kg from my starting weight as at now.Give yourself time and celebrate that one inch gone or that kilo down.It will all be well at the top.

  • The view at the top is beautiful

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There is this joke I saw on instagram the other day.

“When I get abs,I will put booking info on my bio.Do you work hard to buy a Ferrari only to keep it in the garage?”

Everybody loves abs.Most women love a flat tummy. Who doesn’t love a toned body? The trimmed and shaped body is beautiful. It is not easy to get but it is beautiful.If you are hitting the gym,keep going!




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My name is Natalie.I am a young entrepreneur, scientist and a certified feminist who believes in women empowerment. This blog is my little way of encouraging women to live better lives.It is also proof that you cannot get your dream body in one day. I hope someone takes up the challenge.

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