“Job security meant everything to my educated dad, learning meant everything to my rich dad.”

Skilled But Broke

I had an interview with a skilled writer.

“Someday I would love to be a bestselling author like you,”she said.

I suggested that she takes sales classes that were offered by a friend of mine. She was offended.

“I hate sales people, all they want is money.”

“What is it I see on your notes?” I asked.

“Bestselling author.Not best-writing author.”

Anger flared from her eyes.At least she gave me a fair write-up the next day.

I ask the classes I teach.

“How many can make a better hamburger than MacDonald’s?”

Almost all raise their hands.So many talented people are poor because they focus on building better hamburgers and know nothing about business systems. The world is full of poor,talented people. MacDonald’s may not make the best hamburgers but they are the best at selling.


I am constantly shocked by how little talented people earn because they ignore sales.They are always one skill away from great wealth. Most educated people ignore the value of adding sales to their number of skills.

My first book was “If You Want to be Rich and Happy, Do Not Go to School“. My publisher thought I should change it to “The Economics of Education

I told my publisher that with that title, I would sell two books; one to my family and the other to my best friend and they would expect it for free.I chose a title that was controversial. The book sold and sold.

Specializing vs. Learning

My educated dad always wanted me to specialize in something. Rich dad always took me to various departments,learning how each one worked via osmosis. He always thought it wise to go broke before 30 since one had time to recover. Most people want to specialize in one thing but having a completely different set of skills is needed to survive the harsh realities of the world.The decision to take the step is what separates dreamers from doers.

Life is like going to the gym.The most painful part is deciding to go.There have been days when I have dreaded going to the gym but once I am there and in motion, it is a pleasure. After the workout is over, I am always glad I talked myself into going.

If you are unwilling to work on learning something new and insist on specializing, make sure your field is unionized. Today, I meet ex teachers who earn a lot because they learned other skills beside teaching. The more specialized you become, the more you are trapped in that specialty. I have friends who are geniuses but because the cannot effectively communicate with other human beings,they have pitiful earnings.

My Take

About a year ago, I became close to a well-connected person. I asked him for a job and he asked.

“What are you good at?”

I am a Biomedical Sciences student.Here were my answers.

“Writing, radio hosting, corporate emceeing,teaching and sales.”

I never mentioned medical research, laboratory skills like DNA extraction,RNA extraction,animal cell culture,conducting biochemical tests etcetera.

I had to go back to the drawing board.Here I was, asking for jobs that I have not studied for, that I had all the power to practice,if I had made a choice.

Like I said in my Facebook podcast, sometimes the universe tells you things about yourself that you need to know.One of them may be that you are in the wrong career. Pay attention.

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My name is Natalie.I am a young entrepreneur, scientist and a certified feminist who believes in women empowerment. This blog is my little way of encouraging women to live better lives.It is also proof that you cannot get your dream body in one day. I hope someone takes up the challenge.

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