Have you ever wondered why people who exercise are often so happy? I for one used to exercise whenever I was going through a tough period in life and even though the problem wasn’t solved,at least I felt better.


Our bodies love us so much, the whole system was created to do some things naturally. Like fighting diseases for instance. The length at which external barriers,the innate and adaptive immune systems go to protect us is insane! This is why the body helps us take care of pain through endorphins.

What are endorphins?

The word endorphin comes from ‘endogenous‘ to mean from the inside and ‘morphine‘ which is a well known pain killer. Endorphins are released by the body’s nervous system and serve the purpose of relieving us from pain.They inhibit the transmission of pain signals.

They are produced in response to pain and have a therapeutic effect on the body.

Often referred to as ‘feel-good hormones‘ ,they trigger low levels of physical and emotional pain.

High levels of endorphins are often found in aerobic dancers and can also be triggered through laughter. Eating healthy and regular exercise are among the factors that increase endorphin levels.


Called the ‘happy hormone‘ ,serotonin is a hormone that is often produced in large potions during sleep.It is responsible for dreaming and visualization


This is the ‘love hormone’ as I like to call it.It is often high in the first stages of a romantic relationship. That is probably why ‘love is blind’ because this hormone makes one too happy.

When these three hormones are combined, each in different portions during exercise, one has no choice but to be happy.

Happiness is less stress.

You are welcome.

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