Photo location: Merica Hotel Nakuru

Courtesy of Merica Fitness Club

Hey guys,

I am almost three months old at they gym.If you have been following my blog from day one,you know I started with home workouts to outdoor workouts then graduated to the gym.

Imagine I do not have abs sad?

So, Merica Hotel was kind enough to let me use their amazing gym.My first time on the treadmill is story for another day.This month,I will try to take you through what I have learned at the gym.Hope you pick something that helps you.

Know your goals

Like I said, on a personal level, I want to be lean,have abs and a firm round derrière. Before, I wouldn’t say that loud but why the hell am I working out anyways? I want cellulite gone! No more flabby.It is easier to identify exercises based on your goals when you have a trainer.I did not have a trainer until much later so I had a lot of experiments and trial and error along the way.

Just identify what you want,be specific and tell your trainer or Google.

It is okay to ask for help

There are people who look like they have been lifting weights all their life.If you happen to see one and you are nervous on day one,ask for help.But try to grasp every move as fast as you can.Most of the things you will learn by just watching other people, be keen and pay attention.

Invest in activewear

Bliss! I can confirm that half of my workouts have been inspired by how sexy I thought I looked because of my gym outfits.I literally got up one day because of the thought of new sports shoes looking good on me.I wash my fitness wear separately and use sweet smelling fabric softener on them so they smell fresh.I add little pieces here and there and love how the sports bra holds my babies in place.Nothing says enjoy your workout like good fitness wear.

Google is your friend and motivation is key

Consume all the knowledge you can.Check out fitness models on instagram. I have a photo of who I want to look like hanging on my wall.This is key in motivating me to get up.Use all the knowledge you can or just pay a trainer to do the work for you.

Socialize less, work more

I know the gym is new to you and you just saw the cutest face with the most beautiful abs.I recommend that you shut down anything past the hi stage until you are through with your workout.Use your headphones as shield.Making friends fast at the gym can be recipe for disaster. They do not have the same goals as you,so,until you are used to the environment, avoid the chitchat like plague.


See you guys tomorrow.

Love and Light.

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