When I got to the gym, I asked to be shown what was going on but I did not really understand what I was doing. It took time to understand that I needed to know what I was working on and towards. I would love to share that with you today.

Full Body Workout


Before you being a workout session, it is a good idea to warm up a little and 20 minutes on the treadmill won’t hurt to get you started. If you are into rope skipping it won’t hurt to skip rope for a few minutes to charge the body.


Alternatively, you can incorporate a high intensity interval training by combining various exercises at intervals to charge your body. I suggest jumping jacks, squats, pushups and mountain climbers just to get the body pumping. I personally love jumping jacks.


Ladies do not like working the chest because obviously the babies will wither but the goal is to be lean and if you are lucky, you babies will drop the sag and firm up which to me is heaven on earth. Amen?


There are exercises that target your arms, including biceps and triceps. The overall goal is to get a toned physique and not just the perfect abs. There are exercises dedicated to this and if you do them right, you will not have man arms I promise.


I love working the back. There are various exercises that target your upper back and lower back. They are responsible for the hour glass physique. I personally thing a win on back is a win on the whole body!


Most ladies just want the ‘tummy only’ result. I did too but it is really awkward to have toned abs and weak legs. It took time to accept that the package was what made it special so all the workouts had to be combined.


You have to train legs. I train legs thrice a week and I can’t wait to see the results in November I think? I would really love to have those hamstrings tones and the glutes…oh the glutes!

Next time you are starting a fitness routine, know your goals and maximize on the areas you want to work. See you guys later in the evening for a bedtime story.

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