Like I promised.. I had to give a bedtime story today.Mind you, these will be stories that I write before I go to cute?

I do not wear heels, seriously guys, I do not wear heels. The highest I can go is four inches.Anything above that,I will come tumbling down like Mike Tyson’s career.This is why:

During my early,naive days in campus, I met a guy.Let us call him Peter.Also,that is his real name.We were at a students leadership training and Peter,who was a medical student ,stood up at the end of the session to represent the Student’s Union.I have never paid that much attention to someone before. He was eloquent and charming in every sense of the word. He oozed pure class and his jokes not only made me reach for my lungs but also warmed way round my heart.

His leather jacket, which was in fashion at the time sent signals to the ladies.

”I’m loaded! I’m loaded!” it screamed.

Let me tell you something about myself. Way before I learned the rules of the dating game, I was passive aggressive as they come. I did not hesitate to strike a conversation with Peter. Numbers were exchanged and dates were set.We had that kind of ‘No you hang up’ Idiocy for a while.

Fast forward to one week before the real meeting, you know that which you go to meet his boys and stuff. I was pumped up, eager to please prince charming and co. I bought a new dress, black in color, beautifully designed with a V-neck that went down to my chest and revealed part of my tatas. Showing just a little, in case he needed approval from his boys.

I had not been introduced to make up yet, come to think of it, how did I even survive? Anyways, one of my girls was so happy for me, she took me shopping, for shoes. I had a few coins and we picked this six-inch red bottomed heels that had a peeping toe design. I was ready to kill!

On the day I was to meet Peter in town, I packed my handbag with everything I needed, you know, that bag that has everything a girl needs for a sleep over except fare back home. I adorned my favorite perfume as a final blessing, put on my new heels and started strutting downstairs. The walk was comfortable because I was holding onto the rail. I then got to a flat surface and walked for 100 metres.


I called my girl.

“Bring me flat shoes. I won’t survive.”

The plan was to wear flat shoes until I reached my potential hubby’s place then I would change. The plan worked perfectly. As soon as I was near Peter’s residence, I quickly changed into my red bottomed heels.

“Babe, I’m here”

You should have seen me do the Naomi Campbell like nothing was wrong. My feet were on the verge of cracking as I made my way upstairs, holding the rail with one hand to depict class. As if I were not looking for support.  I was so sure he bragged to his friends about how classy his lady was and her beauty with brains, that was before I discovered I was the 100th on the ‘meet-the-boys-list’.

Fast forward to the next day, I did my Naomi Campbell strut as my new man escorted me out of his residence. Has Naomi Campbell even walked in those heels on mud? It had rained the previous night. I swear to God I was having the worst day! He kept talking and talking and all I wanted was for him to go back so I could change into my flats. He finally did and I was relieved!

I kept strutting while he went away, glancing back like a romantic just to catch him staring…the pain was unbearable but I gave him a smile. As soon as he was out of sight, I did not wait a minute longer. I reached for my flats, leaned against a post and took those heels away with sheer pleasure. As I was placing the last heel inside by handbag, I heard a familiar voice.

Familiar because I heard it over the phone a million times and I had just hugged it goodbye. Yes…In my quest to be the perfect woman, I forgot my keys. Peter did not say a word but I could feel the embarrassment. It lasted a couple days…months…right until we broke up.

That is why I will never attempt to wear heels again. At least nothing above four inches.

That was the beginning of my first business.I used to rent the heels to models on campus during pageants and finally sold them for half price. I was born an entrepreneur..when life gives you lemons,start a business!

Have a lovely night!


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