Making: A lot of conscious decisions lately. I am really impressed at how life is right now. Everything was predicted from last year and all I knew was that I was creating the future. I now have no doubt about that whatsoever.

Cooking/Eating: A lot of natural proteins. I am on a muscle gaining spree and I really want to do it the right way. I am completely against supplements, I think I have mentioned that before.

Drinking: A lot of yoghurt. With the rising prices of milk, this is a luxury. Sigh!

Reading: Still binge reading Robert Kiyosaki. I am not over the book yet. He has really been an eye opener. I will resume my next book in June. I need a break to plan on how to be consistent.

Wanting: Prosperity.

Playing: Too many old school songs lately. Especially those that remind me of my past. It is nice to remember where you came from, even when you do not want to go back there.

Creating: The future.

Wishing: A lot more luck crosses my way as I work harder towards my goals.

Enjoying: Peace of mind lately.

Liking: And sharing pictures from ‘Sarcasm’ page on Facebook, laughing so hard at them in the process.

Wondering: Just when the big break will come. I love the small wins but I really would love to see the big break unfold.

Loving: Myself. A lot.

Hoping: The future will be as I pictured it when I began.

Needing: More active wear. Anyone?

Watching:  A lot of comedy. I am in some laughing season and comedies get me. I get them and we are one big happy family. Have you watched ‘The Middle’? Man, you should. I have never laughed so hard.

Following: As many fitness enthusiasts as I can on instagram. Have you followed me on instagram? Please do.

Noticing: Just how supportive Tanzanian celebrities are of each other. Diamond was congratulating Flavian Matata and it had me feeling some typa way.

Thinking: Like there is no box. Because thinking outside the box has been too dull for me.

Feeling: Soberly conscious. I am aware of everything going on. With my surroundings, my body, the people around me. I do not know if that is a good thing. I detect my moods as they change; I even trace my appetite consciously. Is that even normal?



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