It has been a while and even though I say life happened sometimes just for the sake of it, life did happen and as someone who reads my blog, I owe you an explanation:

Somewhere in May, in the middle of a giveaway (all winners got their prizes even thought I did not announce some), I lost track of what I really wanted out of my blog.The fire that I started with seemed to flicker and flicker some more, so I took a break. During this break, I was taking care of the business side of my blog but also went through a depression. During that time, I was indoors, lost track of time and for some reason, understood why people commit suicide.Lucky for me, I only stopped going to the gym and watched a lot of series. Maybe it was just a lazy break but I am pretty sure it was depression.

I had a discussion with my investor, an amazing lady I met on the internet and decide to move to Nairobi so I could work on my dream. Somehow, I found my fire again and that is what I did. I am documenting that journey on my YouTube channel :


I hope we can pick it up from where we left.I now understand how entrepreneurship can be depressing and why it is only for the strong-hearted.The past few months have been full of lessons and I am glad I survived.

Time to take stock now:

Making: Hard choices, some of which may offend people who I love.Decisions that have to be made in order for me to grow.

Cooking/Eating : A lot of junk food. Still on that recovery process.

Drinking : A lot of soft drinks, still on that recovery train.

Reading: A lot of celebrity gossip on the internet.See my life!

Wanting: To get into full entrepreneur mode and conquer the world.

Playing : Dj Zinhle ft Tamara Dey – Colours .Let me mention that Dj Zinhle is just one of the most hardworking people as far as entrepreneurship goes. She is a true definition of superwoman.

Dj Zinhle

Creating: The future (even though stagnating is part of the journey).

Wishing : I could double my efforts and not be exhausted.

Enjoying: My newly found freedom.I can come home at 10pm and that’s early! I love the fact that where I live, everything is within a walking distance, the grocery, supermarket, movie place, the butchery, name it!

Liking: The fact that I am in charge now.

Wondering : Just how Lilly Singh did it. She baffles me! That girl is a superwoman for real and she drives a tesla.Talk about goals!

Lilly Singh

Loving: The journey a lot more and appreciating the huddles that come with entrepreneurship.

Hoping: To close as many deals as I can by the time the year ends.

Needing : More clothes. Seriously, I left almost everything I had behind. Now I get to do laundry twice a week.

Watching : A lot of clips of Bonang Matheba, Kiernan Forbes, Dj Zinhle, Kelly Khumalo, Somizi Mhlongo, Minnie Dlamini, Boity Thulo, Pearl Thusi, Pear Modiadie and a whole bunch of other South African celebrities from way back before they were famous. I am obsessed with South Africans at the moment. Though my main aim is understanding the hustle and what it takes to master a craft and be at the top.

Bonang Before and After

Following: A lot of South African celebrities. I am just realising how much potential Africa has. I mean, look at Nigeria. The likes of Toke Makinwa are soaring greater heights and their population is massive!

Nigeria’s Toke Makinwa

Noticing: Just how much potential Africa has. To be honest, this break for me involved a lot of learning. I did not know for one that South Africa is the home of Multichoice.I was shocked to learn that Safaricom was actually a piece of Vodafone. I have been researching big companies and how their started and it gets interesting by the day. That one person thought ‘We should have a channel that is 100% news coverage’ and grew CNN to be a major new outlet is bizzare.I am now convinced that our ideas, however crazy they are, can give birth life changing products and services.

Imagine Kenya without MPESA (Which turned 10 years old in 2017)? Kids will never know how hard it was to send money back in the day. Imagine life without social media, how would you know what is trending?Thanks to Bonang Matheba visiting Paris, I now know that Champagne is actually the name of a place: Where champagne originated from. All these innovations that were ideas are mind blowing!

Thinking : Outside the box. Waay outside the box!

Feeling: Energized. Maybe my depression state wasn’t that depressing, realizing how much I have learnt including how to edit videos.

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See you around and thank you so much for your time.

Much Love.

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