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How is everything coming along? Have you checked out my YouTube channel? I posted a video a few hours ago. Anyways, ‘Scandal’ my all-time favorite show on TV is coming to an end and I am so sad. I watched this series throughout my campus life. It was the center of my existence! Anytime I did not feel productive I always asked ‘What would Olivia Pope do?’ Some of my workout posts and motivation were a result of watching Olivia Pope.

If you are new to the ‘Scandal’ narrative, Olivia Pope (Played by Kerry Washington) is the lead character in the series, based on the life of Judy Smith, a publicist who made a lot of headlines during the reign of President George Bush.

Kerry Washington and Judy Smith

She is a Law graduate who owns Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA), has high profile government clients when crises occur and has earned the loyalty of very powerful friends including the President of the United States of America with whom she has an on-off affair. She is great at what she does and she knows it, she is not hesitant to show it either. So what lessons have I picked from her in the last five years?

Confidence is everything

Right from the beginning of the series, you can tell that Olivia Pope is no joke. From the way she speaks to the way she handles her clients to the way she dresses, she oozes nothing but confidence. Sometimes you can tell people are awed when she walks into the room. She is the kind of woman that makes you stop what you were doing for a while to listen or stare. Her most used phrase “It’s handled” tells it all.Most of the time she is covered which brings me to my next point.

Nudity sells for a while, a smart brain sells for a lifetime

I do not know who put it in the heads of my generation that flashing a boob or using sex to get favor is the only way to get the job done. This has had so much influence on me personally since as an entrepreneur, I am looking for chances and while the female managers snob, ignore or politely tell you that a chance is not available, the males mostly want sexual favors. I solemnly believe that a woman’s brain is the most powerful thing she has, boobs sag later, the smooth face may be replaced with wrinkles but a smart woman will always be smart. You can tell that Olivia Pope dresses for the occasion and looks feminine even when she is covered. You are addressed by how you dress.


You are an average of the five people you spend your time with

Even though the line is cliché, you can tell that Liv’s character is greatly influenced by the people around her. Even though she tries to be simple and keep it low, the spotlight always chases her. She is just as power hungry as some of her friends like Cyrus Beene and some of her methods may be as ruthless as Jake Ballard.

Your team will make or break you

Your team is everything. Olivia is loyal to her team and she ensures that they are well taken care of. When they have personal issues, she does not hesitate to send support or help. As a result, they are loyal in turn. This is especially significant to business owners or leaders. I have also learned that in business, chemistry is very important. If you do not feel that spark or become cynical about a particular deal, it is wise to let it go.

Stand up for yourself

Olivia’s dad is a thorn in the flesh, and even though she is celebrated, Rowan Pope often belittles her. However scared she is , once or twice, she stands up for herself and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Life is full of heroism, but it is also full of bullies, they may be social media trolls or someone closer home, it is your job to defend yourself but remember that sometimes silence is the best defense.


I hope these lessons augur well with you.

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you on Friday.


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