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So sorry for the late post, some of us do not get to have holidays. Happy Mashujaa Day! I hope you survive the weekend. I am actually so tired as I write this but I am trying so hard to honor my word lately. So just to warn you in advance that this may be a short post and maybe I am typing these words to lengthen it a bit.

I heard from someone that success does not come as a surprise to those who look for it and I am coming to realize that the statement is one of the truest I have ever come across. In one of Rihanna’s interviews, she was asked if she knew how big she would become and she said, ‘Yes!’ Bonang Matheba said the same thing. That she knew she was likely to be famous even before she became South Africa’s most followed on-air personality. I think the winner in this category is Amanda Du-Pont whose yearbook says “I’ll be famous- you’ll see”

See Warren Buffet’s quote below;

Or this tweet by Pharell:

I have come to believe that almost every great man at one point may have told someone they will accomplish great things. In Shaquille O Neal’s book, he says Kobe Bryant , before becoming the star he is ,told him he would be the Will Smith of the NBA. That he became a renown sports personality did not come as a surprise to him.

A big lesson from all these stories is that whatever greatness we want to achieve begins in the mind. It is the little kid that screams, ‘I’ll be rich!’ all the time that grows to be a visionary adult. Maybe if we trained our minds to erase self-doubt and believe that there is a better tomorrow for the genius-level talents we have to offer the world at young age we would make the world better.

The feeling that we are not enough, that we cannot be just as bright or as good as our idols is something we should shut down. It has come to a level where the ‘We all have the same 24 hours’ phrase really makes sense. If you are really looking for some motivation to get work done then I suggest you follow Liilly Singh vlogs on YouTube. Sometimes I watch her and feel like I am not even working. The girl can hustle.

My point is, saying it is the first step. The very first step. A lot of work goes into being great so you have to watch people who are living the kind of life you want and learn from them. Do not be that person who is all talk no show. The dream is free but you know the hustle is sold separately.


I will be back with the workout posts in due time. Just keep it here.

Have a lovely Friday. Don’t party too hard, the economy needs you.

Love and light.

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