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How was your weekend? Well mine was great! I had the amazing chance to attend a Centonomy event.Despite the annoying Saturday rain, I made my way through the muddy corners of Nairobi and got to Westlands for the event. This is because I have been following Centonomy and watching their videos online.I got to know about them through Caroline Mutoko who is someone I adore, respect and admire.You will get to watch part of it on my YouTube channel this Wednesday.

Let me say this about the political situation in the country, everybody’s judgement is based on the experiences they are undergoing during this time.Economically, some have secure jobs, some have been in business for long and have hoarded lots of profit while some like me are just starting out in life. The unrest is a disservice to those in my predicament and businesses that are recording low returns.My views may be different (check Facebook) but that doesn’t change the fact that we are all Kenyans and all have a common factor that unites us, our national flag.The next few days however, my fingers are crossed. The country is in the hands of the Almighty.

Having said that, over the weekend, I came across a Tyler Perry video and he says that in the quest of trying to make a living through business, most young people do not focus on one thing.Instead they start a salon for a while, when it does not pick up they start a restaurant and when it has no returns they stop all together, look for a job etcetera.

During Centonomy, I asked the main speaker, who told us he has interacted with the elite in the society what the common X Factor was that separated the elite from the rest of the pack and he mentioned Focus.

Most people lack focus, so it is a question of putting all the eggs on one basket but watching the basket with caution. When I think this theory, Allegro Dinkwanyane, a blogger from South Africa comes to mind.She is a 27 year old who owns eight businesses that each have great returns. In an interview, she said she had to wait two years for her first business to survive on its own and chose to focus on it before starting the next one.Bill Gates also talked about looking for different ways to get that first thing off the ground before venturing into something else.That knowing where you are going and being so focused are the only ways to survive the quest for success.

Doing many things at the same time is not the only way to kill a great idea, sometimes our personal lives get in the way of focus. If you are a follower of Valuetainment then you know that Patrick put off sex for 18 months until he made his first million. I am pretty sure he did not like it but that is how you know one’s focused. Maybe that is not your type of thing but you get the point?

Anything that takes you away from a goal is a liability unless you can neutralize it. Caroline Mutoko said that it would be so hard to save when you have a husband, three kids and mortgage as opposed to when you are still alone.That is why Barbara Corcoran, in her own words did not have her family until later in life.

Focus is mainstream and a key player in many dreams, what strays you from focusing? Cut it off as soon as you can.Put your eggs in one basket and when they hatch, get another one.

Have an amazing week!

Love and light.

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