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Hope your week is going great! Mine is amazing as well. If you follow me on Instagram and on my YouTube channel then you know that one month ago, I moved to Nairobi permanently to chase my dream. Even though I ask friends and regularly check online to see what events are taking place that are of interest to me, most of the time it is always too late. That was until I found this amazing App called WEGO .

You guys really have to use this App. I cannot believe how easy it is know what events are happening. The first thing that caught my attention is that I did not need to sign up first. I do not know about you but I have dropped my email on many apps that I ended up not liking. For this App, I did not have to. As soon as I was satisfied with the content, I immediately signed up.

The second thing that makes me use the App is that it compiles all the events from event organizers different restaurants, pubs, and venues on my behalf. Given that I don’t spend too much time on social media, it is easy for me to check from one platform every time I need to know what’s happening in Nairobi.

So, what is WEGO APP and how does it work?

WEGO APP is a Kenyan App that allows you to know the events that are happening around you.

As soon as you download the App here  ,this is what you will see when you open the App:

Immediately, the home page shows on the screen automatically and you can see a couple of events as on the screenshot below:

On the category option, you can choose an event depending on your taste.


For instance, this is what the fitness category brought up:

 I am into motivation as you know so I clicked on the workshop and lectures tab and this is what it gave me:

When you click on that event, you get details on what it is  about. What really impressed me is the final part. You can share the event with friends on social media and via email. If that is not a jackpot I do not know what is!

But wait, there is more! In case you are too busy but interested in an event, after you sign up, you can just bookmark it like I did and revisit it later. How awesome is that!


I think this App is so amazing! It will come in handy as I try to navigate my way to success in this city. You too can download it here or by clicking this link.

After you do, please give me your feedback on the comments section or on this Facebook page or on Instagram and as usual, do not forget to tell a friend.Stay Inspired!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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