Bonang Matheba is a South African Media Personality I came across in early 2017. I have developed this habit of studying successful people , especially those whose presence online is felt and Bonang was no exception.I started tracing her journey from way back when people used to shoutout their facebook friends, before she became a big deal to now and having watched some of her interviews I have garnered some words of wisdom, from her and of course some of my own on growing and sustaining a strong personal brand.


Whether we like it or not, in this world of social media, all of us are brands. Corporate Kenya is keen on it. Everybody and their grandmother is online and what we do behind the keyboard affects us in one way or another. Check the political situation in the country for instance. Just a tweet can have such a big impact on a large number of people. Our leaders have to be careful on what they send out to the people. Everybody has a say and sometimes, before working with someone, the first thing people in business do is check the social media account of the potential client or service provider.

Through watching her interviews and her reality show amongst some of her work online, I can say I know Bonang, based on what she puts out as part of her career.So what have I learned from this public relations genius?

Consistency Is Key

In her own words, one of the factors that contributed to her brand being what it is was consistency. Through her shows, collaboration with brands and regular engagement with her online audience, she managed to grow her fan base. I feel like it is that quote we see every day.

No matter how you feel, dress up, show up and never give up

Loyalty Is Key

I do not know any successful person who has not been loyal to something. Whether it is commitment to the course or loyalty to the fanbase, Bonang is clearly dedicated to her craft. The fact that she has worked with brands such as Revlon and Woolworths for more than four years is incredible. I only got to hear about Gert-Johan Coetzee this year but Bonang has worked with him since 2010. How amazing is that! In the quest of doing things we love, I believe that working with someone consistently for many years is proof of loyalty, as long as the chemistry is existent.

Your Network is your Net Worth

This is a little obvious. It is said time and again that the people you surround yourself with somehow determine your net worth and you can tell that from her time in the industry, Bonang has made some prominent friends and of course enemies. I like to think that it doesn’t matter as long as it is within the same circle.

Keep Moving

As humans, we tend to feel stuck sometimes. Could be in a career, relationship etcetera but we always feel like we are in a whirlwind sometimes and stop growing. I believe that even in our darkest moments we can grow, no matter how slow. We may crawl but as long as we are moving, we are on the right track. In one of her interviews, Bonang says her darkest moment was in 2012 and even then, she kept pushing but somehow found her purpose and regained track in 2013 when she got her Revlon deal. I have a reason to believe that sometimes, our darkest moments happen right around the time when a breakthrough is on its way. I have heard Barbara Corcoran say it as well.

Social Media is Here to Stay

New flash! You already know this but just in case you need to hear it again, we are living in a world where our every move is monitored, I do not think we have privacy anymore. The fact that facebook is raking in millions in advertisement revenue means they are not about to be out of business at all. Youtube is a game changer, anybody can build a brand from scratch and the queen of slayage Bonang has made it possible for us guys. Just check out her instagram or Facebook and on the same note, look at Lily Singh while at it.

Work Ethic is the Master

I once read that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something. The queen has certainly put in hers and through the people who work with her, Bonang has made a name for herself through getting the work done, over and over again. That is how you learn something I guess. There are things that seem so hard at first but once you get experience they become easy as pie.


I hope some of this tips help you as you navigate your way through life. See you on Monday and stay inspired!


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