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First let me apologize for missing my Monday post, my laptop caught feelings. How is the going though?Are you still nursing the hangover from the five-day holiday?

I was watching the Miguna character on TV and I must say he is one of the most interesting panelists that the country has had in a while. You can tell he enjoys the attention. In other news, being a Chelsea fan is not good right now, right? Still got love for the blues though.


I was thinking the other day of how much zeal and enthusiasm I had when starting my blog. I was so motivated! Probably a result of reading so many quotes.There is this one quote that I vividly remember:

“Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going”

Motivation in any form is good. Watching Evan Carmichael on YouTube and following Gary Vee on instagram can only do as much as get you started. After all the hype and possibilities and optimism is gone and you face the reality of reaching your goal, the only thing that maintains that particular project is discipline.

What I have discovered is that it is hard to stay disciplined when results are not yet showing. It is hard to be your own cheerleader when no one is cheering for you. It is during those times that you are feeling like giving up that actually matter.That is when this quote by Steve Jobs comes in:

It is one thing to read a quote and get sparked but the only way the results will be forthcoming is when you get up, get out of the bed and do the one or two things you need to do in order to reach your goal. Sharing Bill Gates quotes or Linda Ikeji’s blog posts can only go as far as reminding you why you do what you do but real results stem from having the discipline and the work ethic to execute your plans.

I really hope that after reading this you will take action. Progress, no matter how slow is still progress.Take those baby steps and keep going.They will amount to something big.

See you on Friday.

Love and Light.

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